Mar 102012

Lima, Peru.

Once upon a time I started a blog. And then once upon another time, I started another blog. Because I wanted to talk about different things and such and didn’t want to throw everything together and blablabla.

When I started the second blog I already felt I might not be making the best of choices, but hey, let’s do it anyway and see what happens.

Well, lots of stuff happened of course. But I still had the feeling that it was strange to write two different blogs. And sure, the subjects were supposedly different. As might be the audiences. But the goal of both of them is very similar: To connect.

So, time to give in to what my intuition has been saying for a while and just write a single blog.

It’s somewhat difficult to admit that I didn’t pick the right format right away (yay, mistakes!), but that’s just a learning experience. Making it up as we go along…

So, I moved all the posts from “Improving the World” to this site and I’ll be continuing to write about that specific subject here as well.

For ease of reading you can pick different categories of posts, including “Improving the World”.

Enjoy your reading!

There is a song for everything:
2 become 1

Be friendly

As said, the goal of this blog is to connect. And connections work best as a 2-way street. So leave me a comment or send me a mail if you have anything to share!

Jan 122012

“Please keep us updated on your travels!”
“Don’t forget to write!”
“Let us know what you are up to!”

Just some of the things I got told when saying goodbye.

Not wanting to write the same thing 50 times to different people when I started traveling, I decided to write my very own travel blog. Post some pictures, write a bit about what I’m up to. Shouldn’t take more than an hour per week or so…

There was however one thing that I really didn’t take into account: The possibility that I was really going to love writing! So you might have noticed that my posting frequency has gone up slightly… Where it used to be once every two weeks, I now have to stop myself from not posting twice every day (I recently introduced the sidebars, so I could put more stories in the same post)…

Also the subjects that I have been writing about have changed. I started out just describing what I had been up to (and skipping over a lot of interesting stuff), to also writing a lot about my thoughts, ideas, dreams.

I found that this blog has somewhat taken over from my diary, with a bunch of added benefits. First, I do get to keep the folks back home up to date. Second, I have to structure my thoughts a lot better (you should try reading my diary sometime. People tell me that in general I’m reasonably organized, but I guess that’s because all the chaos ends up in little booklets…), which make them a lot easier to process for myself as well. Third, I’m typing this, so that I don’t actually have to decipher my own handwriting (if I every want to read back what I wrote a few years ago I’m first going to have to take a few classes of cryptography…). Fourth and last, I find that actually throwing things out into the world really helps me in keeping promises to myself (after all, if you tell the world they are not just promises to yourself anymore).

I do understand that it’s a lot to keep up with at times, so I’m going to try to make things a bit easier on you (the reader).

First, using titles that should cover the actual content a bit more (even though I really loved giving obscure lines from obscure songs as a title).

Second, I reduced the number of “categories” of my posts to three (for now), being “Daily Adventures” (whatever fun / strange / beautiful / interesting things I do during my days), “Personal Development” (thoughts on what I want to do with my life, things I’m trying to improve, etc.) and “Improving the World” (at heart I’m an idealist so I want to share my ideas / thoughts / questions about how to make the world a better place).

It’s possible to sign up for these different categories separately (if for example you are a complete misanthrope and don’t care a thing about improving the world, you don’t have to read about my wishy-washy hippie feelings about hugging trees). At the top of the sidebar on the right there is the “Subscribe” box where you can change which ones to sign up for.

Let me know if you have further ideas about making this blog more readable / enjoyable.