Jan 072016
It's all a game

The reason I want to get into the board-game business is that I thoroughly enjoy playing them. To understand the business better, I’ve been reading a book about game design. There I found a quote that really struck me: ”Work and play… Become equivalent to servitude and freedom.” Especially in my current circumstances, this seems […]

Jan 012016
New Years resolution

I hadn’t been planning on making any New Years resolutions but when the topic came up yesterday I had a spur-of-the-moment inspiration. So, my resolution for 2016: Make a profit. At the time I didn’t fully specify what that means, so I’ll do that now. One interpretation is that I personally get more money in […]

Dec 282015

18 December was the last day of my most recent assignment. I’ve mostly been taking it easy (a well deserved bit of vacation at the end of the year) since then, but I’ve also been at work on my new startup. When I was working, there was always “something” that needed to be done. A […]