Apr 032015
Time = money

Time equals money. And there are few places where this becomes as obvious as in London. Every major bank has an office here (many minor ones do as well). Those banks hire lots of people and pay them a very decent salary indeed. In return, all that is asked that some time be spent at […]

Mar 282015

Facebook, the Google products, LinkedIn, candy crush, a myriad of other things on the internet can be used without paying for them. Still, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to program something that makes three similar pieces of candy disappear when they line up. That money has to come from somewhere and […]

Mar 232015

When I first moved to London I absolutely loved it! Everything was new and there was always something to go see, do, experience! As time wore on, the sense of joy dampened a bit, as I realized that, yes, there is always something to do, but you still have to travel there. And stuff is […]

Mar 162015
8-year old wisdom

During some mindless surfing I came across an interesting question: “What in your current life would make your 8-year-old self cry?” After a minute of thinking I came up with: “not being an astronaut”. The idea of going where no-one had gone before, to see things no living human had ever seen drew me immensely. […]