Nov 152015
Lessons learned

At this moment I’m at Startup Weekend Utrecht. 54 hours to pitch ideas, form a team, validate your ideas, build a product and prove that you’ll be able to sell it. I was freaking out about going here (read more here), but since getting here, I’ve been loving every moment. It’s been hectic. It’s been […]

Nov 072015
Why launch a startup?

A bit back I decided to say farewell to my current life as a contractor and instead work on launching my very own startup. That choice was not lightly made. In fact, I’ve probably been thinking about “what to do with my life” for well over a year now. A part of that was that […]

Nov 022015
Wanted: Co-founder(s)

There are the stories about the lone geniuses; Albert Einstein who worked out relativity on his attic room, Leonardo da Vinci who was so far beyond everybody else that he had not choice but to work alone. I’m not a genius. And I most certainly don’t want to go it alone. For the last few […]

Nov 012015
Halloween + birthday

It happens every year, but it still always comes as a bit of a surprise: My birthday! Being born in October, I decided to combine this with the other awesome thing that happens that month: Halloween! Beer filled the fridge, assorted other drinks on the table (why did I think it was a good idea […]