Feb 202015

When going from the train station to my home (in The Netherlands), I pass by a huge piece of construction work. They are tearing one of the major traffic arteries in the city, to build a new canal and upgrade the traffic situation at the same time. This being a major artery, they can’t just […]

Feb 072015
Black and white and Greece

I’m generally not overly interested in politics, but I do tend to keep up on economic news. Sometimes those two are deeply entwined, such as currently in the dealings between Greece and the EU (and the IMF). The story is quite fascinating. Greece’s debt to the EU is now many hundreds of billions of Euro, […]

Feb 022015

There are two forms of freedom, “freedom from” and “freedom to“. The first contains freedom from tyranny, freedom from taxes, freedom from fear, freedom from nagging parents-in-law. The second is freedom to vote, freedom to say what you dammed-well please, freedom to go where you want. In western society we have a lot of these […]