Jun 182014

A few posts back I mentioned that I was going to London for an assignment. I had said yes, they had said yes. Done deal, right? There was unfortunately the small issue of them having some interesting and peculiar ideas about what it would involve for them to pay me. Most importantly, I would have [...]

Jun 152014

We are taught (or perhaps “shown” is a better word?) that either you are in a relationship or you’re not. You’re not allowed to have “half” of one. Over the years I’ve already been finding that this doesn’t really suit me. I’ve had friends, full-blown we’ll-stay-toghether-until-death girlfriends (except that we didn’t), friends-with-benefits, lovers, one-night-stands and [...]

Jun 092014

A bit back I was doubting whether to continue down the path of being an entrepreneur or whether I should consider going back to a “normal job”. I then already concluded that going back to being a wage slave was a form of giving up that I wasn’t quite ready for. Based on that post [...]