Aug 022014
Stage magic

One of the things that London does is plays and musicals. Recently I had the chance to go to two, a play (“39 steps”) and a musical (“The Commitments”). In both cases the plot was threadbare, the jokes were simplistic and neither seemed to a have a real ending. Still… I loved both to pieces! [...]

Jul 292014

“Hi, I’m here for my appointment to set up a corporate bank account.” “Ah, mr. Reinink, yes, yes, of course, have a seat, so glad to have you, welcome.” (The guy wasn’t wringing his hands together. Yet…) “Your passport, good, good. And your deed of incorporation, great! And… Oh… You ehm… Brough a lease as [...]

Jul 272014
Why do I do this to myself?

”Why do I do this to myself?” I must have asked this question at least once per day the past few days. You see, we were hiking. Through the gently rolling hills of Ireland. Meaning that any piece of flat path was a blessing; what goes up must come down again. And then go up [...]