Feb 202014

As I already mentioned in a previous blog post, I recently met someone special. We’ve been spending the last week to get re-acquainted after me coming back from my trip. We have a great time, agree on a lot of ideas (and discuss the ones where we disagree with passion and respect), can challenge each [...]

Feb 142014
Life choices

I hear this from a number of people: Once you reach a certain age, “suddenly” everybody is having children! Coming home I had a card of friends who “suddenly” had a child (I’m sure there was actually quite some preparation involved, but as a somewhat outsider those things tend to pass you by). And they [...]

Feb 112014
The next thing

Today is my last full day here in Chile. Tomorrow I’m taking my plane back home to The Netherlands. I’m sad to be leaving. At the same time I’m happy to be leaving. And I’m sad that I’m happy to be leaving. But I’m also happy that I’m happy to be leaving. I’m confused about [...]

Feb 052014
Mo' money mo' problems?

Before leaving for South America I met this girl. Smart, beautiful, interesting, the works. We had only seen each other a few times, but there was definitely a click. Whilst traveling we’ve been talking. E-mails, whatsapp, skype. Long live the internet! And though it’s no substitute for real-life interaction, it does allow for the sharing [...]