Sep 182015

Usually, it’s great to be proven right. This time, it was the most awful thing ever! A bit back I wrote about wanting to do something new. And I already hinted at what I was thinking about: Something with board games, something with apps… I started making this a bit more concrete, brainstorming actual ideas, […]

Sep 082015
Between feelings and thought

Spiders: Harmless little animals that do a useful job of limiting the numbers of more harmful insects (i.e. mosquitoes). Kittens: Ferocious little monsters that will sink their nails into you at the very first opportunity. I know this. These fact are thoroughly embedded in my mind. And still I’ll go out of my way to […]

Sep 042015
Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do? A plethora of reasons of course; we sleep because we’re sleepy, we eat because we’re hungry, we play because it’s fun. Simple! But there are many things that we do for which the reasons are quite a bit more complicated. Why would you want to spend 4 (or […]

Aug 122015

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m contemplating doing something different with my life. That brings two emotions with it: Excitement, but also dread! Having been thinking about this for a bit, I’ve been torn between these two emotions for a while now. And I’ve come to realize something: Whereas excitement is quite concrete, […]