Jan 282015
A mix of purposes

My last blog post was about what gives me pleasure.  There I also remarked on the second thing you need for happiness: Purpose. So, in this post I want to go into what feels “purposeful” for me (doing something that feels useful): Writing (whether it’s my book, a blog post or my diary. Even (or […]

Jan 212015
A mix of pleasures

Recently I read something interesting on leading a happy life.  The idea is that to be happy you need to have both pleasure and purpose in your life.  This resonated with me quite soundly, and being on my way back from a great vacation, the pleasure part has adequately been taken care of (I’m so […]

Jan 122015

The world is a big place. That might seem really obvious, but never does it become more so than when you’re actually taking through it. Say, by sitting on a ramshackle bus going from one cute, quaint and unpronounceable Thai town to another… The first thing you learn when traveling is that other places don’t […]

Jan 112015
Why this blog?

It is hard to imagine that the first blog post I wrote (on a different incarnation of this blog) was in September 2010. Four entire years, plus a few months, I’ve been typing away. I strongly believe that people get something out of what they do, thus so must I, I’d think. When I started […]