Mar 022015
Non-material greed

I’m writing this at the airport, waiting for my flight to leave. Once upon a time airports were exciting (this was in the time when Ace of Base was the next new thing…). Now, I find myself here, a bit bored. Once upon another time I would have enjoyed spending an hour (at least!) browsing […]

Feb 252015
What is an adventure?

I like adventures. In books, movies but also in real life. One of my dreams still is to board a ship and set sail for the seven seas, fighting off pirates, discovering treasure, meeting the locals (especially if they’re particularly pretty!). Somehow however this seems less romantic in a modern day setting, where the pirates […]

Feb 212015

One of my strong beliefs is that just about anything can be learned. If I really want to run a marathon, I could train until I could. If I really wanted to design a space ship I could take a few years of my life to become an aeronautical engineer (or whatever the title is […]

Feb 202015

When going from the train station to my home (in The Netherlands), I pass by a huge piece of construction work. They are tearing one of the major traffic arteries in the city, to build a new canal and upgrade the traffic situation at the same time. This being a major artery, they can’t just […]