Jul 272014
Why do I do this to myself?

”Why do I do this to myself?” I must have asked this question at least once per day the past few days. You see, we were hiking. Through the gently rolling hills of Ireland. Meaning that any piece of flat path was a blessing; what goes up must come down again. And then go up [...]

Jul 182014
It's a small world

I’m writing this at London City airport, waiting for my flight back home. Or perhaps I should say “to The Netherlands”. Yes, I’m going home, but it’s only for a very short while. Because tomorrow afternoon I’ll be flying off to Ireland (for a week of hiking with friends, if you must know). I know [...]

Jul 112014
Colorfull suits

I consider myself to be open-minded, non-discriminating. Which makes it all the more worrying when you catch yourself at being a horrible bigot… My current job is in Canary Wharf, the (new) financial district of London. Glass-and-steel highrises, a huge underground mall, lots of eateries and pubs, all interspersed with bits of water from the [...]

Jul 062014
Everything flows

The house I grew up in was practically opposite a primary school called “Panta Rhei” (I didn’t go to that school, even though it was really close. It’s funny how you just accept things as a kid, my parents had decided that I would go to a different school so that was that…). Panta Rhei [...]