Nov 032014
The evolution of work

Once upon a time life was highly uncertain; behind every rock there could be a saber-tooth tiger with an appetite, every morning it would be a question whether you’d be able to catch antelope to fill your belly. And though I’m sure it was tough, I’m also convinced that this uncertainty instilled a certain joie-de-vivre; [...]

Oct 252014
The economy

When you turn on your television (has to be yours, as I don’t have one) and you zap to the news, you will be treated to three different kinds of doom: Natural disasters are killing thousands (if not millions), humans are killing thousands (if not millions) and the economy. Diseases and war are very concrete [...]

Oct 212014
Head over feet

What is more addictive than cocaine? What gives a worse hangover than cheap whiskey? What is the subject of just about every song, book and movie ever sung, written, directed? What costs a fortune yet leaves you empty-handed? What takes more brainpower than putting a man on the moon, but results in no more than [...]

Oct 112014
The path

Last summer I went on vacation with a group of friends. We took a plane to Dublin, got ourselves transported a hundred-something kilometers south and then over the span of a few days we walked back. At the end of each day everybody was very glad to be off of their feet. Gently rolling hills [...]