Jul 112014
Colorfull suits

I consider myself to be open-minded, non-discriminating. Which makes it all the more worrying when you catch yourself at being a horrible bigot… My current job is in Canary Wharf, the (new) financial district of London. Glass-and-steel highrises, a huge underground mall, lots of eateries and pubs, all interspersed with bits of water from the [...]

Jul 062014
Everything flows

The house I grew up in was practically opposite a primary school called “Panta Rhei” (I didn’t go to that school, even though it was really close. It’s funny how you just accept things as a kid, my parents had decided that I would go to a different school so that was that…). Panta Rhei [...]

Jun 292014
London lessons

I’ve been in London for 20 hour now and there are a few nuggets of wisdom I already picked up that I would like to share with you: When it says “all”, it doesn’t actually mean that. Making choices based purely on location can give interesting results I arrived yesterday in the afternoon after an [...]