Feb 082016
Nuggets of fear

Launching my own startup is the scariest thing I’ve ever done! Though before that, moving to London for an assignment was the scariest thing I had ever done. And before that, going freelance. But before that, quitting my job and going on a sabbatical. Before that, changing jobs. Leaving university. Going to university. Etc. … […]

Feb 032016
Shrinking the void

Once upon a time I built quantitative models. And building models is creative work. In general you have a vaguely defined problem and there are hundreds of ways of solving it. Freedom abounds! When you develop models at a bank however there are a lot of rules, policies and regulations that you have to adhere […]

Jan 212016
So much information!

In high school the teacher would stand in front of the blackboard and write stuff on it, whilst explaining what he was doing. And you could be fairly certain that the stuff that was in the lecture would be exactly what you needed to succeed (i.e. to pass your exam). At university this repeated, except […]

Jan 152016
A first setback

The previous week Thursday we got together with a bunch of people that are willing to put some time into the games-and-smart-devices idea. Some food and a few beers helped to get to know each other, after which it was time for our first real meeting, trying to answer some simple questions like: “How will […]