Oct 162015
Pleasing the boss

Why is “the boss” so important? For the last few days at the office I’ve been working on a presentation for someone high up in the corporate tree. And when I say “I”, what I mean is that with every new version of the presentation I produced, I’ve had three people going over it a […]

Oct 122015
Things just got real

My parents just told me that they would like to make a sizable investment in my (currently not-yet-existing) new company. Which is so incredibly awesome in so many ways! First off, having more money to put in the company is very welcome indeed. I’ve been reading about doing startups and how a few Euro can […]

Oct 032015

For the past few months I’ve been giving a lot of thought about doing something else career wise (and by now I feel like I’m starting every other blog post with these words ): Starting up my own company (technically, I already have my own company, but as the actual work I’m doing hardly changed, […]