Mar 022016
Play testing

A few posts back I wrote about my first game. Since then I’ve been continuing with this. Mostly I’ve been trying to pull in people to play it with me, so that any flaws, weaknesses, irregularities and problems might come to the fore. Part of the game is “giving away some of your resources” (to […]

Feb 252016
Freedom and boundaries

Recently I was having a discussion with someone on boundaries and freedom. She felt that true freedom meant that there were no boundaries, that anything and everything was possible. And that this was the thing to strive for. This got me thinking back to a recent post of mine, where I discussed setting boundaries to […]

Feb 172016

How do you measure productivity? When I was doing assignments this was fairly easy: How many things did I get off of my todo list and how big were those things? And I tended to get lots of stuff done. Documents written, code programmed, senior management kept up to date. Todo lists filled and todo […]

Feb 112016
My first game

A month and a bit ago I decided to do “something with board games”. And as only playing games most likely isn’t going to be paying any bills, I had to think a bit broader. One of the things I’ve been trying my hand at is designing a game. After all, I’ve played enough of […]