Blogs of friends
An American Girl in Transit: Cool travel stories and a personal inspiration to me to do things differently.
OJ’s Weblog: My oldest and most adventurous friend Olaf’s updates about his life and the many (many) places he visits.
Fedor’s Weblog: My friend Fedor (and Olaf’s better half) keeping everybody updated about parties, yoga, board games and more of his life.
Marjoleine Karper’s blog: My friend Marjoleine from the Netherlands’ adventures in Brazil.
South of the Equator: I had a great time with Brandon and Kim diving off of sand dunes, so we decided to stay in touch:

Personal Development
Personal Development for Smart People: Great insights on personal development which have been very inspiring to me.
Zenhabits: Ideas for living more in the moment and letting go.
Seth’s Blog: Seth Godin shares tidbits of wisdom about marketing in the broadest sense to think about.

Fun Stuff
XKCDMy favorite web cartoon, which every (wannabe) nerd should read.

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