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It was February 2011…

I had been saving up some money for my “big trip” (which was going to happen “sometime”). I wasn’t dissatisfied with my job, but I wasn’t happy with it either (and I’d rather be happy than content). No significant other to tie me down. A bunch of good friends, a loving family, who could do without me for a while.

“Sometime” was going to be “now”.

Taking my time to wrap things up, deciding where to go (South America), find people to rent my house, finish my project at work, get my shots, say goodbye to everyone, etc. On the 8th of October 2011 it was time to actually step into the airplane and for a little while say my old life goodbye.

I didn’t expect that I would be saying goodbye to my old life forever…

Not wanting to write the same E-mail a hundred times over to keep everybody back at home up to date, I decided to start a travel blog. And I found that I absolutely loved writing!

One post every other week very quickly became one post per week, then two posts per week, a post every other day. Nowadays I have to stop myself from posting multiple things per day (I introduced the “sidebar” to my posts so that I could actually tell more stories in one go).

I also found that I wasn’t just making kilometers on the map, I was making more of them in my mind.

A lot of things that I had been thinking about back at home started to fall more and more into place. Ideas about what made me happy (not knowing what is around the next corner). Dreams about what I wanted with my life (give more, work less). Thoughts about how to grow as a person (conquer my fears).

And I found that sharing all of this (online) helped me organize my wandering mind, but also that people responded extremely positively. It was a most wonderful sensation to have the feeling that I was inspiring people.

To encompass the different facets of what I am doing currently I made three “categories” for my blog posts:

  • Daily Adentures, about the things I do or experience on a day to day basis (closest to my original travel blog).
  • Personal Development, musings on personal growth, dreams and ideas that I have, triumphs and mistakes when trying something new.
  • Improving the World, thoughts (and actions!) on making the world a better place

Obviously these distinctions are somewhat arbitrary and there will be a lot of overlap, so posts will often be posted under multiple categories.

Taken all together this blog gives an overview of everything that is important in my life.

Happy reading!

Bastiaan Reinink

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