Apr 182016

A screenshot of my new blog: "Make Them Play". More content to follow soon!

A screenshot of my new blog: “Make Them Play”. More content to follow soon!

Lately I haven’t been posting as much to this blog as I used to. The reason?


When I was doing an assignment I would find that outside of working hours I wanted to think about anything and everything except for the thing that made me money. And the result was a constant stream of ideas for blog-posts.

Now I’m designing board-games and I find that all my thoughts go towards… Designing board-games. Or marketing of board-games. And playing board-games. Changing the game I’m working on. A new idea for a game. Or… Board-games!

And while this is very interesting (to me), it’s in general not very personal.

When I started this blog (over 5 years ago!) it was to keep friends and family informed of my then-travels. It expanded a bit, to include mental and emotional travels as well, but it was always about something that very directly impacted my life.

Now, I’m finding myself having all these other ideas (yes, about board-games) that I want to share.

I could re-purpose this blog, turn it into something about board-games. But I can’t imagine most of the people that read it now would be overly interested. While (hopefully) a whole bunch of new people would come in.

So a better option is to start a new blog, where I can share my more “work” related ideas, whilst keeping this one for the personal stuff.

It feels a bit weird to talk about one blog on another, but hey, if it works…
When you’re reading this, “Make Them Play” will be life. The idea of it is to learn about board-games, for the reader, but just as much for myself. This will mean thoughts, experiments, philosophy. You might be interested and if so, please do start following it. Or you might not be; feel free to ignore it.

This will mean I most likely will have even less inclination to write here. My idea is to keep writing about personal stuff when it feels important, but I can’t predict when that will be and I’m most certainly not going to force myself.

Perpetual Wonder might have fewer updates or it might die a quiet death. Both of which are fine: All things in life are transient. Things on the internet especially! 🙂

Thanks for reading so far!

Bastiaan ReininkI’m Bastiaan. This blog is meant to give you some insight into the things I run into and perhaps to inspire you to go in search of your own life extraordinaire.

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  1. This can be difficult as a financial expenditure, but hiring a known and good artist and having the art before Kickstarting shows your commitment to the product.

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