Apr 072016

Voluntarios - Set-up and ready to be played!

Voluntarios – Set-up and ready to be played!

It’s been a bit over three months since I said life as a freelancer goodbye and plunged into the world of board-game development.

When I started on this endeavor I expected I would feel a lot happier. The funny thing is, that is not really the case. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing, but I wouldn’t say I’m happier.

I am feeling other positive emotions though:

  • An eagerness to start my day
  • A sense of flow while working
  • Joy when people obviously enjoyed playing my game (try it yourself here!)
  • Accomplishment when I strike something off of my todo list
  • Feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile
  • And perhaps most important of all: I never feel bored!

The most shocking thing so far: On a Saturday morning regretting not being able to go to work…
I always thought that happiness was the “end goal”, the thing to optimize for. But now I’m finding there are many other positive feelings that, though related, are distinct from it! (I’m sure there will now be lots of people going: “Well, duh!” 😉 )

All in all I feel I’ve made a good choice in taking this step.

And that makes me happy! 🙂

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