Mar 092016

I'm usually not very traditional, but in some cases the old traditions are the best

I’m usually not very traditional, but in some cases the old traditions are the best

A friend had invited me over for beer, pizza and board-games. As those happen to be three of my favorite things, I wasn’t going to say no!

That faithful day there was indeed the promised food, drinks and entertainment, but also a little something extra.

That little something had black hair, dark eyes and a wicked smile. And she beat me at Cards Against Humanity!

There was a magical first date, quickly followed by a second, third and many more. We took a trip together to Portugal and despite having rain almost every single day, we had an amazing time!

Getting to know each other’s friends, meeting my parents (over Christmas), meeting her parents (on a trip to Scotland).

Playing games, watching movies, building with Lego, spending lazy Sundays in bed. More trips together, to Thailand (for her friends’ wedding), hiking through England and France. Me telling horrible jokes and her laughing about them. Going to the arcade to shoot the crap out of some terminators. Holding her hand when Game of Thrones gets just a little bit too gruesome.

Difficult discussions, arguments even (we’ll always remember “the chocolate incident”). But through it all a willingness to keep talking and to listen with an open mind and heart.
Spending time together, spending time apart (she now is rooted in the UK while I still feel The Netherlands is my home).

She made me more caring, I got her to worry less. Both are still a work in progress, but it’s both work and progress that I’m looking forward to.

And through all of this (and much more!) a growing sense of belonging together

I was expecting to be scared, but I’m not. Maybe it still needs to settle in, or maybe this really is just the best idea I’ve had in a long time…
Last weekend we closed one circle: Amid friends, in between playing games, after a silly speech, I got to one knee and asked her to marry me (she said yes!).

The closing of one circle, the opening of what I hope will be many more!

Gloria, my love, I’m so looking forward to our future together!

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  7 Responses to “Leveling up our relationships (or: We got engaged!)”

  1. congrats, once again. Who knew that Cards Against Humanity were such a romantic game!

  2. tof Bastiaan, van harte (or should i say congrats!).

  3. Very well written and very touching!
    I know I can entrust Gloria to you, in your good hands.
    As Gloria’s parents, we give you both our full and whole hearted blessing.
    Take good care of her, just like what we did.
    Wish you both enjoy every day together in the many many many years to come!!!

    • Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me (and I’m sure to Gloria as well)! I feel welcome already in my new family 🙂

    • Your comments are warming my heart… I feel so happy and surrounded by lots of love. Hugs 🙂

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