Nov 012015

Slightly grainy, but I hope it still conveys the beauty of all these people (and costumes)!

Slightly grainy, but I hope it still conveys the beauty of all these people (and costumes)!

It happens every year, but it still always comes as a bit of a surprise: My birthday!

Being born in October, I decided to combine this with the other awesome thing that happens that month: Halloween!

Beer filled the fridge, assorted other drinks on the table (why did I think it was a good idea to buy tequila?!). Spiderwebs, assorted weaponry, skulls, rats and spiders covered every free spot of my house. Candles burning and the other lights down low. The stage was set!

Only one part was missing: The actors. And beautiful they were! Giving people an excuse to don witches hats, stick (fake) knives through their head and cover themselves in blood and gore brings out the best in everybody! That and the fact that the general rule is: More skin = better costume. It’s not slutty, it’s Halloween!

To remember for next year: 100 grams of fake spiderweb is enough for a house. Luckily I bought a bit more than that and I now have enough for the coming 10 Halloweens…
We talked, laughed, admired costumes, drank, ate and were merry (and scary!).

I’m now nursing the remnants of my hangover (pizza for breakfast helped. Breakfast by the way is the first meal you eat in a day, no matter if that is at 1 in the afternoon…) and looking back at a truly awesome party.

Thanks all for celebrating with me!

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