Jun 122015

Just 2 more days…

At least I would have a new toy to play with...

At least I would have a new toy to play with…

The entire month of June I do not need to be at the office. And in that time I’ve got a lot of things that I want to do, some of which I could have done in London (think about the future, relax, write), but some are only possible in The Netherlands (visiting old friends and family, maintenance to my house). So the choice was easy: I’ll spend my time “at home” (also known as Utrecht (and surroundings)).

So far I’ve been really enjoying it! Seeing friends, having all the space and time for myself that I want (which so far has only involved a single evening of brainless gaming!), not going to work!

There is a minor downside to spending a lot of time in The Netherlands though, one detail that London has that Utrecht doesn’t: My girlfriend.

As she only started her newest job recently, asking for a month off seemed like a bad idea. We have plans to see each other halfway through the month (which will involve not only her, but also her parents and (I sincerely hope) copious amounts of whisky!), but that’s another week from now!

The first few days were awesome: Really being able to do whatever it is I want, not having to take anybody else into account, eating whatever I want (not that she’s a difficult eater, far from it, but still…), spending time with friends without being worried whether she’s actually having a good time…

But then not so slowly another feeling started to intrude. Because yes, time alone is great, but spending a lazy day in bed is better if you can do it together. And dropping by friends for dinner is great, but it’s even greater when you can share the socializing with the one you love.

Not only will I be re-united with my girlfriend, I’ll also be meeting her parents for the first time. I’m not sure if it’s a good sign that she seems more nervous about this than I am…
In London I’d be happy to see my girlfriend after a day of work, good to get a hug and kiss, to discuss the day. But it was the status quo, I saw here every evening, so it was hardly special.

Now however I can’t see her and I’m very actively longing to.

They say: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”. This is usually meant for things that are truly gone. But it works equally well for things (people!) that are temporarily gone. And what I’ve come to realize: This is a good thing.

Not seeing each other at all doesn’t make for a good relationship. But not seeing each other for a while, with some regularity, makes you appreciate the other person so much more.

Missing someone isn’t nice. But sweet reunions more than make up for it.

Only 2 more days…

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