Oct 312013

I have a bucket list. A list of things to do “before I kick the bucket”.

Seize the day, before you end up in a vase! Or kick the bucket...

Seize the day, before you end up in a vase! Or kick the bucket…

It’s got some fairly normal things on it:

  • Play in a band (check!)
  • Visit the 7 new wonders of the world (1 down, 6 to go)
  • Visit the remaining 7 wonders of the ancient world (check! Which is easy, with only the pyramids still around)
  • Speak a third language fluently (my Spanish is getting there, but needs some work

I also have a few more “peculiar” ones on it. The one that usually gives me the most uncomprehending stares has to be:

Make a company go bankrupt.

First, I’m halfway there: I started up my own company (which actually was one on my list as well).

But why would this be something to put on your bucket list?!?

Because it’s my firm believe that “failure” teaches so much more than succeeding. After all, if something works out, you haven’t really learned anything new: You already knew how to do it.

Added to that is that I don’t really believe in “failure”: Stuff happens and we get to make up ourselves whether we put a “good” or “bad” label on it. And I’ve decided that “making a company go bankrupt” is going to get a “good” stamp. Not that I expect that this won’t be heart-wrenching and difficult and painful… But in the big scheme of things, I still think it’s something worthwhile to experience.

What are things you’re happy you “failed” in? What are things you feel it would be good to “fail” in?
Then, it takes off a lot of pressure. Because if I succeed then well, I’ve succeed (nice!). And if I fail then I’ve also succeeded.

Finally, there is no “finally”. As in, life goes on, even after stuff (bad or good) happens. Having a company go bankrupt isn’t the end of things. Life goes on. Time to try something new.

For this specific case I’ve made it very explicit to make “failure” good. But this is something I’d like to nurse throughout my life.

Oh and to make it absolutely clear, I’m not going to work towards making my company go bankrupt. In fact I’ll do everything I possibly can to make it a success. Whether that worked out or not, I’ll write about in a few years time.

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