Feb 282013

In February I gave myself a challenge for the month: Savor my food.

I already wrote a review about this a few days ago, concluding that though I was failing quite a bit, I was still getting quite a bit out of it. A few days later the conclusion stands, it’s very difficult to pay attention to my food all the time, but I have gotten much better at paying attention to the now in general.

I've never actually given or gotten one of these - square box with a ribbon. May be a good idea to do at least once...

I’ve never actually given or gotten one of these – square box with a ribbon. May be a good idea to do at least once…

February is at an end and March is at the door. Time for a new challenge.

A while back I read an interesting article about how giving a present to someone actually increases your happiness more than keeping that same present for yourself. So, my challenge for March 2013 is: Give!

Specifically I want to give something once every day, for the entire month of March.

Of course, there are a great many things that can be given, a lot of them non-physical. Below a selection of what I think would be interesting to give (more of):

  • Gifts: Something small for my friends or family, if I happen to run into it in a shop.
  • A card or E-mail: Wishing someone a happy birthday, congratulating them with something else, or simply for no reason.
  • A smile: Smiling at someone for no reason whatsoever. It’s nice if people smile to me, I can give that back.
  • Attention: I will truly listen to people, giving them my undivided attention, without trying to get my own 2 cents in.
  • Thanks: Sincerely thank someone for something that they did for me.
  • Time: Help someone out, do something for them. Time is precious and thus a great gift to give.
  • Love: There is an infinite amount of, but we can be so stingy with it. I’ll love people with my actions and tell them with my words.

Challenges are fun! You should try your own monthly challenge!
Of course giving need not be limited to the above, but I think I have a nice selection of things to choose from. And I’m sure that actively giving one of them per day should be doable.

I’ll let you know in a month how it went!

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  1. I like this challenge a lot!! Give to others is very important and give love much better.

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