Feb 222013

At the beginning of the month I posed myself a challenge for the rest of the month: Savor all the food that I eat.

So far, I’ve been failing. And quite spectacularly so.

Kitty's got a point...

Kitty’s got a point…

This morning I didn’t taste a single bite of the bread that I ate (I think I ate it. I remember it was there at one point and now I have an empty plate with some crumbs on it). And I let my tea go cold so I just slurped it up quickly so as not to have to bother with it.

Dinner yesterday was slightly better, but not a lot. I was watching a series at the same time. And focusing on moving pictures and the food moving in my mouth as well is just a bit too much for my poor (male) brain. I did think about my food every twentieth bite or so, so I guess that’s not a complete failure.

Put in that light, I am definitely failing the letter of the challenge. But the spirit of it is actually going quite well.

Because honestly, it doesn’t matter that much whether I actually taste every single bite. Nothing bad happens if I find myself with a full stomach and no recollection of how that happened.

Brain cells are like a herd of buffalo: The herd is only as strong as it’s weakest member. So, this weekend I’ll be strengthening the herd through some serious culling (using alcohol of course), with the help of some old friends from my student association. Please don’t talk to me on Monday, I’ll be nursing my hangover…
But it does matter that I’m at least giving these things a bit more attention. One bite out of twenty is already a lot more than I used to do. And even if at the moment I don’t realize I’m focusing on my computer and not my food, I do notice it afterwards (as in, right now as I’m writing this). Which then allows me to evaluate how I feel about that (mostly a bit ashamed that I have gotten so used to constantly being “entertained”).

In the end, I’m learning quite a bit about myself, my habits, what I enjoy and how many things I do completely on auto-pilot. All of that is very useful in thinking about what might be better and then how to go about it.

One final thing I’m getting out of this is a sense of forgiveness. I’m not rising to my own challenge. But I can forgive myself for that as well.

And now I have six days left in which to do a little bit better…

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