Jan 272013

I find myself in London, one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s chilly, but the sun is shining. There are hundreds if not thousands of things to do here.

But I just can’t seem to be bothered.

It's so iconic! I get tired just looking at it!

It’s so iconic! I get tired just looking at it!

Yes it’s a beautiful city. Yes, there many things to be done and seen here. But in too real a sense it’s just like everywhere else. London is like Tokyo, is like Lima, is like Amsterdam, is like Buenos Aires. There are the quaint little shops where you can find beautiful stuff. The views over the local river (or sea / ocean in some cases). The gorgeous park, the astonishing monument. All unique. All the same.

I have to admit: I’ve become jaded.

So what the hell am I doing here?

Glad you asked…

A year back I was in Peru, in a small town called Pisco. Where I spent two months volunteering with the craziest, most loveable crew in the whole world!

So when the call went out that there was to be a reunion of exactly those people, right here in London (which is really on my doorstep, if you look at it in the big scheme of things…), I didn’t know how quickly to book a flight so that I could be part of it!

The last two days have been talking, re-aquainting, drinking (some people actually found real Peruvian beers and spirits!), dancing, having a great time!

The actual traveling might not be it for me at the moment. But seeing the people that I met while traveling is just so completely amazing!

And it also gives me some hope. I don’t have to travel the world anymore for a while, see new sights, do amazing things. But I’m sure as hell going to visit all the friends that I have made. Even if they live all around the world…

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  1. On the topic of visiting old friends… Still an open invatation to use the guestroom here! (there’s even a little office next to it should you want/need to work.) 🙂

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