Dec 302012

It’s almost the end of the year. And what a year it was!

2012 is going in my top-3 of best years ever (together with 1999, when I took my first big trip, started studying and in general did a lot of “growing up” and 2002-2003, when I was in the board of my student association (from September to September) and I learned more about myself and other people than in the rest of my years of study (which is not so strange, as I was studying mathematics)).

The year isn't over yet, so let's go out with a bang!

The year isn’t over yet, so let’s go out with a bang!

First, the good:

  • Traveling through South America, seeing more countries in 6 months than I had seen in the ten years before that
  • Learning a new language – I can now make jokes in Spanish (though I don’t usually understand them when others make them)
  • Showing my parents the joy of back-packing
  • Starting up my own company (and doing a first assignment through it)
  • Writing about one-and-a-half-books
  • Meeting a number of truly great and inspiring individuals
  • Gaining a sense of deep personal confidence to handle whatever life throws at me

Of course there was the bad:

  • Losing about 8 Euro’s through a confidence trick
  • Getting my bag stolen, including the lap-top that held months’ worth of photo’s
  • Food poisoning (once more, don’t eat sushi in a land-locked country!)
  • Having to say goodbye again and again to really great friends

In the end, the good far outweighs the bad. All of this makes me very curious what 2013 will bring! So, I wish everybody a very happy New Year’s eve and a 2013 that is filled with perpetual wonder!

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