Dec 162012

Yesterday I was at a truly awesome birthday party of a friend of mine. We went to “supperclub” in Amsterdam, where dinner is served while you are lounging in a huge bed with your friends. A DJ plays funky music in collaboration with a flutist (I really love the combination of electro with live music!). The food is great and the people were interesting to look at (some beautiful, others just… interesting…).

But what if I'm an alien sea-monster from the abyss and I need to go...?

But what if I’m an alien sea-monster from the abyss and I need to go…?

But what I liked the most were the toilets.

Or better, the signs on them.

Instead of the normal “men” and “women”, there were signs “straight” and “gay”.

Of course it’s just something to be hip, to go against the grain, to set themselves apart from the herd.

But in a way they are so incredibly right! Why do we separate men and women when it comes to toilets? I’m really hoping you won’t encounter anything you haven’t seen before…

We put so many labels on things. On people. “You’re a woman, so you can’t be in the same toilet as me.” Why?!?

Because it’s not just the labels, the boxes. It’s that we start to believe in them. We don’t see the person anymore; we see just the little sticker that says “black”, “straight”, “hindu”, “rich”, “old”, “brunette”. And we treat people as though they are just that, the sticker, the label, the box we forced them into.

The first draft of my book “The modeler’s handbook” is done! I’ve sent it to some people for feedback. Once I get that I’ll be able to make a final version. So cool! 🙂
And after a while we start believing it ourselves. We put a little tag on our own shirt and reduce ourselves to what it says there.

I had a tag that said “mathematician”. And it didn’t have a lot of space for other things on it. Now, after a long personal struggle, it also says “writer”. But what if I want to dabble in painting wildlife, run a marathon, be in a play…

Well, I guess I can. And having added one line to my tag probably makes it easier to add another one. But much rather I would do away with it all. Too bad I haven’t found exactly how it’s attached yet…

What does your label say? And what is that stopping you from doing?

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