Dec 082012

Tomorrow my plane leaves for home, and I’ll be leaving with it. Meaning today is cleaning up, saying goodbye and packing my luggage.

I really hope it won’t be this bad getting everything in…

In between my socks, the suit I never wore here, my saxophone and the rest, there is a lot of stuff I’m taking back that doesn’t take up any space (which is a good thing, because I have a lot of stuff that does take up space.)

First, there are all the memories I have of here. Bicycling on top of the cliffs of Lima. Hiking through the mountains of Huaraz, sitting right here where I am now to write… Lots of beautiful memories that I will treasure forever.

Then there is the sense that time really isn’t as strict as we make it out to be in the Netherlands. It’s nice not feeling rushed, of being able to enjoy something for a bit longer. Which doesn’t mean that I’m going to start being hours late, but maybe ten minutes once and awhile won’t be so bad :-).

I want to bring back with me the atmosphere of welcoming. “Of course your friends are my friends and of course they are welcome to my party even though I have never met them!” It’s great to always be welcome, and you meet the best people that way!

Finally and most importantly, I will keep in my heart a piece of all the friends that I made here. The people with whom I talked, laughed, drank, sang, played, cried and loved. You all know who you are and I want you to know you’re incredible!

And though I’m leaving tomorrow, I have to quote the governator:

“I’ll be back!”

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