Dec 052012

I just finished watching a really interesting TED talk, on how to find and do the work you love. One thing in the talk really struck me:

I’m sure Tom Cruise wouldn’t think writing a book was impossible…

“Everything is impossible until someone does it”.

And it’s true. Man couldn’t fly until the brothers Wright did. We couldn’t go to the moon until NASA did. Humanity couldn’t harness fire until Grmmsh did (cool guy by the way).

This holds true for the truly magnificent things, things that the world has never seen before. But it also holds true on a much, much smaller scale.

It was impossible for me to write a book. Because I didn’t know how to write. Because I had no education in it. Because people would find it silly. Because nobody would be interested. Because I didn’t have the time. Because I was scared.

Thanks everybody who already said that you would take the time to read my book and give some feedback! I’m hoping to send you something by the end of the week…

Any other people interested, do let me know!

Until I did…

(Well, almost did. But those are details 🙂 )

This is my example. This is my impossibility.

Until it wasn’t.

What is your impossibility?

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