Nov 192012

The other day I was talking to an old friend of mine from the Netherlands. She does all sorts of cool stuff with numbers, but she is not quite the nerd I am (but then, who is?). She was however telling me that she was actually working on quite a complicated model for her department. And that she didn’t really know very well how to go about it.


No, the -other- kind of modeling!

Some time ago I picked up a new project. When I first started working I had the background knowledge and skills (mathematics), but I had no experience whatsoever with what my job entailed: (quantitative) modeling. And thus I made a lot of mistakes, took the long route, got things wrong, ended up at the wrong place, etc. But through it all I actually got quite good at building models (if I say so myself).

How handy it would have been if someone had told me the basics of how to build a model when I started out…


And so “The modeler’s handbook”, my second writing project, was born. Or better to say, conceived. Because like any good baby, this one is going to take quite a few months to be full-grown. And until that time it needs to be cherished, protected and kept safe from the outside world.
Except of course that it doesn’t. It should be shared, I should get feedback, I should get input to make it the best I can make it.

Which is where my friend comes in. She was interested in reading the (unfinished, unedited, not-ready-for publication, still-needs-a-load-of-work) first chapters.

She should. It’ll help.

She shouldn’t. It’s scary!

What if it sucks. What if it’s useless? What if…

And I know at some point I have to show something to someone. Why not her? Why not now? It’ll never be perfect, even if it ever gets finished. But with some help it might get to be “good enough”.

So… before the day is done, it’ll be in the mail. Twelve more hours to make it slightly more good enough. Aargh!!!

What are your projects, ideas, brainwaves, etc. that you you haven’t shared with anyone?

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