Aug 072012

“You’ve got mail!”
“Your LinkedIn profile has been viewed by 7 people in the last 3 days!”
“35 visitors to my website yesterday!”
“8 new entries to blogs you’re subscribed to!”

There are people out there that love me!

Yeah, right!

A while ago I semi-quit Facebook (not reading status updates anymore, but I will reply to messages sent). That took a bit, but now I’m perfectly happy to just open Facebook, see if I have messages, (ignore them for 3 days,) reply and close.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to receive E-mail, I just don’t want to check for it every 2.718 seconds…

However all the other “social” parts of the internet are giving me a bit more trouble. E-mail (3 different addresses), website statistics, LinkedIn, blogs… It only takes a few seconds to check. But if you do that multiple times per day it does really start to add up.

And the time itself isn’t even the biggest issue. It’s the fact that it stops me from doing other stuff. Say you have 15 minutes. Which is not a lot of time to start something “constructive”. But I know that it’s enough to write a few hundred words (haven’t touched my book in months now, but still…). Or to pen down the idea I have for a white paper. But it is also just about the amount of time you can “fill” by going through all the different websites.

And really, those websites can and will wait (if only I will wait. Which so far I don’t…).

Back home writing the rest of this post, guess what: I missed an E-mail with a lunch invitation for this afternoon… Cosmic irony?
So, time to lessen the time I spend online at other things than Facebook as well (lessen. Quitting on E-mail would probably not be such a good idea).

And to put my money where my mouth is, I wrote most of this piece in the ten minutes before going to work, in which I could also very easily have checked my E-mail, read a blog post and checked how many people are virtually visiting…

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