Aug 032012

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve had a sense of adventure. And part of that was to live abroad. Not just go on vacation, but to really live somewhere. To truly learn about a culture, the language, the people.

Oooh, formulas in the background!

When I went on my sabbatical part of the plan was to find out what would be the best place to settle down for a couple of years. I thought that would be Buenos Aires, but it turned out to be Lima (of which I didn’t know where to find it when I first started thinking about my trip…).

And because it was my plan to be in the Netherlands only for a short while before heading back to actually settle, I agreed with the people who were staying in my house that they would be in it for two and a half years. That was a big decision!

But, what if I didn’t want to go back to South America? What if I really missed my friends and family and wanted to stay in the Netherlands. What if… I wouldn’t have a house anymore! Panic!

On the other hand, that was very far into the future. All sorts of stuff might happen that I couldn’t accurately predict. A lot of “what ifs” that I couldn’t all take into account at the same time. My idea was that I wanted to go live in South America for a while and from that perspective it made perfect sense to do away with my house for two and a half years.

First week of work is done. Weekend is so much more fun if it’s not always weekend!
Now I’m back (for a while). And without a house.

Did I make a wrong decision? No. I’m here only temporarily. And solutions will come along (I’m staying in the house of friends who are on vacation at the moment). Sure, it would have been nice to have my own place to go back to. But I’ve been living in hostels for a long time, so a bit more roughing it won’t hurt. It was a the right decision at the time.

What big decisions are you putting off because “what ifs”? And are they really that important?

The people in my house are going on vacation, so I’ll be borrowing my own house from them for a while 😉

Is anybody going on vacation for the first two weeks of September? I’m very good at watering the plants!