Jul 302012

As of the first of August I’ll be starting on my very first freelance assignment. One and a half months at the ING model validation department to help assess one of their models.

And to my surprise I’m really looking forward to it!

Dig a hole, put up a tent, take a nap. Or perhaps not…

I don’t know exactly where it came from, but I always had the feeling that work was what you did to “put bread on the table”. A necessary evil that was made bearable by evenings, weekends and vacations.

Or at least, I thought that was how you were supposed to feel. Because in the past few years, many a day I went to work whistling. Happy with interesting intellectual challenges, a way to spend my time and nice colleagues to chat with when my subconsciousness was mulling over a problem (a.k.a. coffee / tea break). And they even gave me money to do it to boost!

Only now I’m realizing how much I actually missed all of that! Tramping around South America for a few months was great and spending time at home meeting with my friends was awesome. But I’m very much looking forward to stretching my mental muscles again. To have a simple structure to life without having to think about how to spend my time. To be doing something constructive. To go to the pub at the end of a day of hard work and complain about the workload/boss/coworkers/IT department/etc. (I am Dutch after all!).

My flight back home was truly excellent! Good service, good food, got some sleep. Even wrote a blog post! 🙂 When will the jet-lag hit?
And the fact that I’m my own boss makes it all the better (except for the complaining about the boss of course. And the fact that they set out a very exact assignment. But hey, you can’t win ‘em all…).

It kindof feels like a vacation from traveling. Though I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to a vacation from work when it comes again too!

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  1. Hey starting entrepreneur, good luck with your first assignment and do not forget in between to relax and have fun. When we are planning a business lunch? 😉
    See you,

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