Jul 222012

Been in Lima (Peru) for a few days now. And I’m still having trouble figuring out how to feel about everything here.

Ceviche! Just this is worth the return!

It’s all so strange! But in a very familiar way… It’s like deja-vu all over again! (Thank you Babe Ruth for that unforgettable quote)

The people are short (and dark and different), everything is noisy (traffic mostly), the city is huge (and I can’t begin to find my way anywhere), food is strange (but yummy! (hmmmm, ceviche!)), people talk funny (and I find myself talking back in the same way), the sky is constantly overcast (oh, actually, that is exactly the same as in the Netherlands…).

Vivi threw a birthday party yesterday and she asked people to provide some kind of entertainment. So we had traditional Peruvian dancing and belly dancing (our Argentinian friend refused to show of his traditional dancing skills. Having forgotten my wooden shoes I couldn’t do a traditional Dutch dance, so I opted for a bit of improv. It’s one of those “you should have been there” stories, so let me just say that doing improv in Spanish was much more hilarious for the people listening to it than it was for me…
Human brains crave patterns, to make something familiar out of the unknown. Which is why the first period of being somewhere new is both magical and very scary. But even that you can get used to. And I thought I had. Having traveled for months on end, arriving in a new city every few days, that scariness and the magic was fading. But now I realize it wasn’t the pattern of “being in a new place” that got established, it was the pattern of “traveling”. Which is not really what I’m doing right now.

Not that I know what the hell I am doing here to be completely honest. And that is probably where my feelings of strangeness are coming from. Sortof on vacation, but I also have 500+ pages of model documentation to read (to make a flying start when I’m back in August). Thinking about how to settle here, but not really doing much about it just yet (I could go looking for an apartment, but I’m here for only a short while and then gone again for a longer while). Spending time with Vivi, but she actually has to go off to work with some regularity.

So I guess I’m really just taking it one day at a time. Enjoying my time with Vivi, wrestling with some complicated mathematics (and winning!), tramping through the city, thinking about where I want to head with my business. And it’s lovely to be doing exactly those things. Not knowing what the day will bring is scary as hell. But there is a lot of magic in it too!

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