Jul 142012

Yesterday, and most of today there was nothing for me to do. Nothing semi-urgent that couldn’t be put off for another day or so. Nothing that I needed to do at that moment.

Don’t get me wrong, there were enough things that I could have done. Start writing for the website that is to be part of my company. Read something on personal marketing. Read up on the latest regulation in my field (sure to be useful for my coming assignment).

And I needed a break. Sleeping at different friends all the time, setting up a company, getting my first assignment. Al of which are great, but take up a lot of mental energy. So, time to relax.

Computer game screenshot. Nothing like releasing untold mayhem for some well deserved relaxation.

Read, play computer games (for the first time in almost a year!), watch a movie (well, two actually. Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. Did I mention I wanted an Iron Man suit?), play a little bit of saxophone, have an afternoon nap. Ample things to do.

But there is this persistent nagging feeling: “You should be doing something useful.”

Which is obviously wrong in so many ways.
First off, time to recharge after expending a lot of energy is very useful. It allows me to give my best again when the situation asks for it.
Second, the more “work” you do, the more work the universe presents. It’s impossible to have everything finished, things can always be made better. More useful to stop at some moment. If only for a little while.
Third, for me the meaning of life is to be happy. And though achieving things is definitely part of that, relaxation and pleasure are equally important (if not more so).

Which is all fine of course. But if you have any experience with little nagging voices in the back of your head, you know that no amount of rationalization makes them go away.

So in the end I bribed it.

I did some very small “useful” things (updating my LinkedIn profile and booking a flight). And then I went on with my lovely leisurely activities. Which worked quite well, but not perfectly. So next time I’m going to try drinking the little voice into oblivion… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Why next time..?

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