Jul 092012

Another night, another friend to visit.

Another evening with good food, a few beers or a bottle of wine.

Another sleeping bag, another couch or air-matras.

>Yawn<[/caption]Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love (re)connecting with long time friends. To be part of Dutch life again, to hear the every day stories of work, friends, love, hobbies. To take half an hour to re-acquaint and then to be the same old friends as we were some 9 months ago. But it's a strange couch / matras / bed. It's going to sleep late. It's drinking a glass of alcohol too many. It's waking up at the same time as my host (because they do need to go to work), slightly too early for my liking. It's exhausting! I need time for myself, to read a book, file away all my impressions, to play the saxophone, to write, to arrange for things for my company. Well, it's not a matter of time really. It's a matter of energy (and sleep).

I'm in the small town of Oss as I write this, sipping a cup of tea. I'm here to pick up the laptop that I ordered. Unfortunately the store doesn't open until 12 o’clock in the afternoon!. What kind of backward country is this?!?[/stextbox]The feeling is very similar to when I just started traveling. Everything is new and exciting. Wanting to do everything at the same time. The feeling that I have to see everybody. And some people twice or even more often. I don’t have a balance yet for this phase of life.

So, at this moment I’m very glad that at least I’ve got a place for myself. Friends are enjoying a trip in India and I get to house-sit. A full 2-person bed to fill up all on my own! No need to get up with anybody else. Space to dump my stuff (Bo, Marinka, don’t worry, I’ll clean it up again as well). A little bit of peace in hectic times. India be blessed!