Jul 042012

What’s on your list? What excuse are you using to not do what it is that you truly want to do?

Mine was “I don’t have a name”.

Starting up my own company

Look, it’s all metaphorical and stuff, with the guy ready to start running in his suit while I’m ready to start my own company!

That was what was actually stopping me from going to the bureau of commerce to register my company.

Well, what was actually stopping were a whole bunch of fears. Fear of failing (or perhaps worse, fear of succeeding), fear of nobody believing (in) me, fear of looking stupid, fear of not having the right qualifications.

But this morning I woke up thinking: Screw you all, I’m just going to do it! Today I will start up my own company!

So as of this afternoon I have my own company! With not just one name, but three:

  • Perpetual Wonder: For writing books, blogs and other penmanship related work.
  • The Rewards of Risk: Which will also be a website, dedicated to (simple) models and stories for everyday risk and reward related subjects. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this fairly soon.
  • Black Cat’s Walk: Building of complex risk models and risk model consulting services, probably for banks and insurers (the name itself is a pun on “risk modeling”).

Are these perfect names? Nope!

Already met up with two “intermediates” that might help me get assignments. Nothing concrete yet of course, but a lot of enthusiasm from both sides. Looking good!
Does it matter? Nope!

The hardest part is done: I have (a) name(s).

Now on to other things, like getting clients, building models, writing a book, etc.

But those are just technical issues. Right?

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