Jun 232012

“Get to work already!”
“Be productive!”
“What do you have to show for the day?”

Do the above sound like familiar self-recriminations? Well, I’ve been hearing them in my head for the last hour or so.

Because first I had to sleep late (the whiskey yesterday night hit a bit harder than expected and it got to be a bit later than planned). Then I felt like reading a book for a bit (read: a few hours). Shower. Time to check E-mail, web comics, etc. I tried to write a blog post, but that wasn’t really working out (last bits of alcohol interfering with the creative process?). Time for an afternoon nap. And some more reading. Maybe get some shopping done so I have breakfast tomorrow. And then it was close to 8 already…

I had the entire day off. And I decided to work on setting up my own company. Think of a name, describe what it was going to do, set up a website. You know, the things you do when you set up a company (what, you never did this either?!?).

And then I didn’t.

And I was feeling guilty about it.

Until I recognized the feeling.

This guy has got it down!

Why do I need to do these things right now? Yes, they need to be done at some point. And I feel energized about doing them. But I also had a house to myself (not my own, but I could borrow friends’. Thanks guys!), which created some much-needed mental space for myself (it’s been great seeing friends and family and traveling back and forth. It’s tiring as hell as well!). I could use the relaxation, having time for just myself (and my book of course). And there is no true rush to do anything right this very moment. I am trying to find a bit more rest and contentment, instead of having to be busy all the time. So it’s actually very good to have a truly lazy day.

The work will wait. Sleeping another night (and another, and another) on a name won’t hurt. The bureau of commerce isn’t eagerly expecting me.

Now if only I could get all of that across to my conscience as well…