Jun 202012

Big plan. Lots of small details.

I’m going for it. Diving into the deep end. Going to Peru to do who-knows-what-crosses-my-path. So the tough job, deciding what to do, is done. Now it’s time to start taking all those little steps that actually get me moving.

Getting to Peru is easy. Lots of airlines are very happy to take my money and in trade they will drag me (and 23 kilo of my garbage) halfway around the world. Check!

Staying in Peru however is quite a bit more difficult! I’ve got a temporary apartment lined up and a friend of mine approached me that she might know of a more permanent solution as well (yes, a friend here in the Netherlands. It’s a small world! Long live the power of networking!). Not getting my hopes up on the last one, but it might pan out.

The most difficult part however is staying in Peru legally. Oh, and at the same time not giving up all those nice things that are part of being Dutch, such as having a hypotheekrenteaftrek (tax reduction due to owning your own house. Yes it’s silly. Yes they should abolish it. But while it’s there I want to make use of it!).

Look! It’s one of those really tacky meaningless pictures that you see plastered all over corporate brochures because they need to fill space and have nothing to say.

So the solution: Start up my own company!

I will still officially be living in the Netherlands and my company will be situated in the Netherlands as well. Some of what I want to do will be fairly international (book, blogs). And if someone wants me to do anything officially in Peru, they just hire my company (I’m sure there will be hoops to jump through like permits and such, but again we’ll tackle that one when we get there). Some downsides are that I will be paying tax in the Netherlands and not in Peru, but as I won’t be making a lot of money anyway I don’t mind that much (if I do start making gazillions I can always reconsider anyway (and pay a nice accountant to think of what would be the best way to pay as little tax as possible)).

I will be in Peru on a tourist visum, but those I already found out are very easy to get. Maximum duration: 6 months. So forced vacation abroad every 6 months. Sweet!

And, starting up my own company is something I always wanted to do anyway (yay, one more thing off of my bucket list (and it might help me get one more off of my bucket list as well: “make a company go bankrupt” (though that one doesn’t strictly have to be my own to count))).

There is just one truly mayor problem though.

I have to think of a name for my company…

So if anybody has any good ideas please, please, please do let me know (Bastiaan Reinink inc. is not a good name!)!

  3 Responses to “Bastiaan Reinink inc.”

  1. What about Bastiaan ReinInc. ? 🙂

  2. Don’t know how much you care about legality, but technically, you have to actually be in NL for a minimum time to be allowed to continue living there for taxpurposes. Also, are u sure the peruvians will realy give u back-to-back visas? Most countries have a visa limit, but on top of that a max nr of days per year limit… anyway, good lcuk! I say BREININK is a nice name or happy inc….

  3. What about ehmmm.. Perpetual Wonder inc. ? 😉

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