Jun 192012

“Courage is making the leap and growing some wings on the way down”

And it does really feel like I’m doing just that. Go to Peru with no immediate prospects, no real plan, no direct back-up. Leave everything I ever did behind and try to do something new. Something of which I’m still trying to figure out what it’s going to be exactly.

Some seem to succeed…


Only lightly… (they really should invent a “sarcasm” emoticon!)

But it’s exhilarating as well! I have a smile on my face. I’m happy. I can’t sleep because of all the ideas I’m having. A natural high of creative energy that’s better than any drug I ever tried (mom, dad, don’t worry, I didn’t try that many drugs…)

I definitely can see some things not going the way I wanted them. I see obstacles, problems, “learning moments” (gotta love your euphemisms), small mistakes, huge fuckups, risks, pain and trouble.

But I have faith it’ll all work out in the end.


Doubt… Fear… What if…? Maybe…? Should I really…? Can I…?


And then the two most wonderful people, the ones I trust most in the entire world spoke up:
“Go for it!”
“Follow your passion!”
We believe in you!“.

And somehow that makes all the difference!

Thanks mom and dad! I’ll grow some wings that will make you proud!

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  1. AHA Moment,

    When i look back to the years behind, it’s one thing that’s the most important in live and that is passion. Why is Obama mr. President of the USA (i dont want to discus of he is the best). Why is Patric Macau the fastest Man on the Marathon and why is Jimi Hendrix the best Gitarplayer all times.

    They all had there AHA moment and that creates passion, and passion give’s you Wings and it’s overall irrelevant what or who created the AHA moment.

    Go for it, follow your passion with full conviction.


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