Jun 122012

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Traveling is great! You see the most amazing sights, meet lovely people, have the time to think, dream, connect, feel.

Traveling sucks! You get ill, your stuff gets stolen, you get lonely, the food is bad, you are never at ease.

Anybody who has been reading my blog for a while knows which of the two above I subscribe to (hint, it’s not the second).

But the second is no less true.

I have been badly ill, gotten important stuff stolen, been very lonely, had horrible food, have been on edge for long periods. These things happen and they suck. And still I feel incredibly happy that I did take the step to quit my job and go tramp around South America for eight months. Because the items in the first list are so much more important than the items in the second list. The discomfort fades, but the beauty is firmly lodged in my memory.

Met up with two old friends from Pisco Sin Fronteras yesterday. So cool to meet people again you met half a continent away (and gossip about all the other people you knew there 😉 )
Because I accepted the risk (and lived through it) to be unhappy, I had the possibility to feel even more intensely happy. At the moment when I was seeing Machu Picchu in all it’s glory. Or the night spent talking with total strangers who in the morning are your friends. Or when looking down a 25 meter waterfall having my heart in my throat at the thought of going down it. And then going down it. And now I can be happy again by just enjoying the memories of it.

If I merely had wanted to be not unhappy I could have stayed at home, safe in my job, with my friends and family. Life would have been perfectly ok, with the largest discomfort being having to stand in line at the supermarket…

But being happy for me means going out there, trying something new. And yes, things work out differently than expected. Sometimes I get hurt. But it is all so worth it!

Many however just go for not being unhappy (television is great for this. Television will never make you feel hurt or uncomfortable. It will however not make you happy either (not that I have anything television. Except that it is the worst invention since bananas of course)).

So, are you settling for not being unhappy? Or are you willing to take a chance to be happy? Do you dare to actually move to that bigger city and make new friends? Are you willing to go look for a new job that lets you do the things you want most? Do you have the guts to throw out the old junk that you know you probably won’t need but that you just might want again? Can you jump in the deep end and truly go for your art?

If any of these examples speak to you specifically, that might be not completely unintentional 😉

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