May 292012

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay.

I love to read. And I’ve read lot. Fantasy and Science Fiction mostly. But also a lot of books on psychology, human behaviour, happiness. And in that last section there seem to be two very distinct directions.

I am not religious, don’t consider myself to be spiritual. Firmly grounded in reality. Objects, people, work, play. And emotions, feelings are definitely a part of reality. Perhaps not directly observable, but indirectly they influence every part of our lives.

So I happily read about time management, the differences between men and women, effective living, feedback, courage, choosing your own path. And I think I learned a lot from that, incorporating parts in my own life. Partially because of this I usually listen to critique without going on the defensive. I’m busy facing a number of fears that I feel limit me. I seek to cooperate and not oppose. I’ve grown and achieved. And I feel happy because of that.

Together with Vivi in Punta del Diablo (point of the devil), a cute little fishing village that has transformed tranquility into a tourist attraction. Now in low season the hostels and beaches are empty, yet the ocean keeps pounding onto the shore with the same rugged beauty. We’ve got an extremely nice little house for the two of us and decided to take it very easy for a few days. Reading, writing, walking. There’s not much more to do here at this time of year. Yet it provides some needed rest after quite a while traveling and sight-seeing. Peace for the soul at the point of the devil.
But every once and awhile there is mention of another side. Not directed towards the outside world. Not having to do with relationships, behavior, achievement.

A direction inside. About letting go, accepting, satisfaction with what you’ve got and what you are, being one with the universe.

At that last one I usually quickly turn the page. 🙂

But the rest of it has been speaking to me more and more.

I wrote before that I’m always happy, never content. And though I’m happy at not being content, it can be very tiring as well to constantly be fitter, happier, more productive.

Because where does it stop? How many achievements are needed until it’s enough? How much growth do I need before I’m “finished”?

Perhaps it’s time to start learning in a different direction. No clue how to do that or where it will take me. But I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of that with you here. I guess I’ll start by reading a book… 🙂