May 242012

Montevideo, Uruguay.

One of my first Couch Surfing experiences was a lovely couple that stayed in my house in Utrecht for 2 nights. They were traveling the world, going from New Zealand through Indonesia, China, Egypt, Russia, France, Germany, Finland. The Netherlands.

All of that in 6 months.

So I was very proud that they chose my country to spend an entire 2 nights (Germany only got one!)!

They spent a day in Amsterdam while I was working and I showed them Utrecht the following day. Having some real Dutch beers together, talking about our respective countries. Well, I was talking with her mostly as he didn’t speak a lot of English. Still, it was nice to get to know these people from the other side of the world. This place I had only vaguely heard of.

This city called Montevideo. In this country called Uruguay.

And now I’m here. And we got to meet again! After more than 10 months, a single message was enough to get an immediate invitation for drinks (and it turns out food). So yesterday we met up with them and spent a lovely few hours talking (the four of us. His English hadn’t improved that much but my Spanish is good enough for light conversation), drinking and having fun.

It’s just great to have total strangers visit your house, become friends and then go and visit them! Certainly gives me more faith in humanity 🙂

Long live hospitality!

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