May 142012

Salta, Argentina.

Go to Lima they said. It’ll be fun they said…

And I’m sure it will be! But I’m getting to be a little bit nervous about the paperwork and what needs to be arranged before actually settling in there.

So just to clear up my mind for a little bit, I’m going to bore you with a list of things that I have to think about. After all, if I get it stuck into your brain, maybe it won’t bother me as much (ain’t I a nice guy?!?)

  • I have a house. And I was smart enough to organize it in such a way that the people living there now will stay for 2.5 years (Marthe, Erik, thanks again! Though I’m sure you guys figure you were smart to arrange that you could stay for 2.5 years?). I probably have to work some things out with mr. taxman (through the hypotheekrenteaftrek (for you non-Dutchies, that translates as mortgage interest deduction. And yes, in Dutch that’s a single word!)he is paying me quite some cash per year for the simple pleasure of owning a house (stupid rule? You bet! But as long as it’s there…)). That might mean talking to my bank (I know I can’t actually rent out my house, which is why I instead have “housemates”), to see if we can figure something out. Or perhaps I’ll let sleeping dragons lie and not mention it to them…
  • Then there are the taxes themselves. I don’t want to pay taxes both in The Netherlands and Peru.
  • Insurance. How does that work in Peru? Do I get Peruvian insurance before I leave the Netherlands? Can I cancel my Dutch policy if I move abroad or do I have to wait until the end of the year?
  • How exactly do I get a working visa? I read a bit and it seems I have to rock up, get a job and then hope I can bribe the right person to give me the piece of paper…
  • Which brings me to the fact that I have to get a job. SO looking forward to doing a job interview in Spanish. If I ever get an interview, that is…
  • How am I getting my stuff there? Living from a backpack has taught me I don’t need a lot. Yet showing up at a job interview in my hiking boots and worn-down sweater isn’t going to land me a job. And how much is it to send a saxophone to Peru anyway?
  • I’ll need some kind of place to stay. Hostels have been nice for a few months, but having a place to call my own (with a kitchen!) would be lovely. Got something already for the short term (yay to Vivi!) but I’m going to need something a bit more permanent as well.
  • I’m probably forgetting 20 different things. But they will show up in due time…

So enough to think and worry about. But I guess I’ll just treat it as another part of this great trip they call life!

A fellow traveler put it very well: “Problems evolve. You solve them.” And usually it really is as simple as that.


Go to Lima they said. It’ll be fun, they said…

  3 Responses to “Emigrating”

  1. Rule #1: Never ever wake the sleeping dragons 🙂 whether they are taxes or something else! (Don’t you got that in your book already?)

    btw: For some unknown reaosn your updates all of a sudden disappeared in my spam box…?

    • Had the same experience – I suppose Bastiaan is up to Nigerian 419 mailing/posting frequency 🙂 respect!

      • Bit of a shame that I’m suddenly spam…

        And I agree with letting sleeping dragons sleep. Already got some plans to screw the taxman (they involve a fake wedding, a murder and two pieces of rubber band…)

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