May 132012

Coln. Molnes, Argentina.

Stunning scenery, rock formations, mountains in green, yellow, red and combinations. And after that looking for a place to sleep.

Coln. Molnes is a sleepy little town in the southern part of Argentina, close to some big lakes (which we will visit tomorrow). Having found the only hotel actually open (low season means low season here!), mom and dad settled in for an hour of sleep. Having slept like a baby the night before, I decided to explore the town.

Two streets, a central plaza and a church. And not much more.

Vivi is coming over to Argentina in just a few more days! It never rains but it pours? Suddenly I have people visiting left right and middle? Still, really looking forward to seeing her again (she is one of the reasons to return to Lima) and to travel with her and my parents. Life is good!
Yet at the end of the second street someone was waving at me to come over. Ahah! A chance to practice my Spanish!

I got a glass of wine with coke (why? I was asking myself! You’ve got the best wine in the world here (or close to) and you are adding coke to it?!? Yet, when in small towns in Argentina, do as the hicks do…), got introduced to the family (the father of the house, his 8 kids, best friend and best friend’s 3 kids. That’s a lot of kids!)

After the second glass of wine-cum-coke I got invited to the Sunday-night-family-asado (Argentinean for barbeque). Had to ask mum and dad, but I was in favor!

The rest of the family was also in favor, so at 8 we headed there, laden with beer and wine (and NO coke!).

My parents don’t speak Spanish. The Argentineans spoke nothing but Spanish (or, their own variant of it). Guess who was called in when anybody wanted to say anything to anybody?

Right. Me!

And it was lovely! Great beef and chicken, very slowly cooked over a wood grill. Lots of wine and beer. 11 children running round, asking questions (in rapid Spanish), wanting to play games and have us sing songs in Dutch. The father of the family slowly getting more and more drunk and quickly getting less and less understandable. Mother stirring the wood underneath out food.

I can’t imagine something like this happening back at home. Meeting someone on a random Sunday and a few hours later having a barbeque with them and their family.

One more reason why I love South America!

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