May 102012

Salta, Argentina.

I remember the first bus that I had to take here in South America. No clue where to book it. No clue where to get on it. No clue how to know when to get off. No clue. In general.

And after a few (ok, way too many) buses, they’re not that difficult anymore. The bus stations are all the same. The buses all work the same.

Dread and apprehension and a sense of adventure have been replaced by a sense of relaxation at best and boredom at worst.

Same thing holds for many other things. Finding a hostel, discovering a new city, integrating in a group, booking a tour… Been there, done that (and in some cases actually did get the T-shirt! (Though I didn’t really want them. Don’t think I can wear my “Death Road Survivor” shirt to work…)).

No matter what you do, no matter how new something can be, after a few times it gets firmly lodged into your comfort circle.

And I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m getting restless. Wanting to go home. Wanting to do something new again.

Luckily, I never tried looking for a job in a different country before. I never had to find out how to immigrate. I never needed to find an apartment outside of the Netherlands. I never had to learn to work with South Americans before.

So, I think for the coming time I’ve got enough challenges lined up to make sure that I might not be content, but that I will definitely be happy!

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