May 062012

Mendoza, Argentina.

Don’t drink from the tap!
One kiss on the cheek, not three!
Toilet paper goes into the bin, not the toilet!
Say “hola” when speaking to the locals!

It’s SO tiring traveling with parents! 😉

Picked them up from the airport three days ago. So nice to see them again! So nice to get and give hugs and speak Dutch. So nice to have hagelslag for breakfast again (for as long as it lasts…).

First night, a glass of beer (for dad and me) and wine (for mom), before the jet-lag made them crash and burn. First night in a real hostel for them. Not that different than a hotel, it turns out.

Next day, museum of fine arts (Bellas Artes), together with a Brazilian who also wanted some culture. Then up to the hill in the center of Santiago for the view. Which was not much of a view due to the smog (let’s build our city in this valley, so that the air will just stay there…). Still a nice hike and train ride up (and down, we’re lazy). Some drinks, a bit more walking, sushi (without getting food poisoning this time. Yay for non-land-locked-countries!) Crash and burn for mom and dad again, time for me to sing Karma Police (badly!) in the hostel karaoke get-together. Then there was a party of someone I didn’t know (and didn’t meet at the party either). Getting stuck in the elevator going down for 20 minutes (with 6 men in a small metal cube. I was actually hoping I could climb out of the top like they do in the movies. Big disappointment that there was actually no hatch 🙁 Luckily there was a bottle of pisco to make up for it.) On to a club (for just an hour of course…). Getting home at 5, only to get up again at 7, to take the bus to Mendoza, Argentina.

The trip was very pretty. They said. I slept.

And today a lazy day in Mendoza (as everything is closed on Sunday). Walk in the park, music, meeting up with someone we met in Santiago for drinks and food.

In the end, not so bad to be traveling with parents…