May 022012

Santiago, Chili.

Just a few more hours and my parents will be here! So cool that they actually decided to drop by as well! Looking forward to picking them up from the airport, showing them Santiago (the bit I saw myself so far) and then traveling on to Argentina. Life is good!
When was the last time somebody just ‘dropped by’? If you’re living in the Netherlands than chances are it’s been a while. It’s just not done to show up uninvited at someone’s house. And god forbid that you would do it around dinner time…

Such a change with here in South America! You’re always welcome. And even more so at dinner time. Sit down, grab a plate and let us give you the largest piece of meat (to go with your rice and patatoes and pasta (yes, that’s and, and, and. Carbs are good for you!)) So much friendlier and opener…

Bought my flight back to Holanda: 13 June (in time to spend a great weekend with some Green Dragons (don´t ask)). Bought my flight back (again) to Lima: 18 July.

So anybody in the Netherlands want to hang out between 13 June and 18 July?!?

One of the things I really enjoy is that the people here don’t live from their agendas. They have time to do something right now. Why would you want to make an appointment? Especialy if that appointment is for over 4 months? (Yes, we Dutch are crazy!)

So one of the things I´m hoping to hold on to is a bit of spontaneity. To hold on to a sense of freedom. Not having to do things.

The fact that I´ll be moving to Lima is probably going to help a lot as well. So if you are thinking about what to do with your vacations this or next year: Drop by!

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  1. Hi,

    you can drop by between june 13th and july 18th in den bosch! Just to catch up, show me some jealous making pictures or play some “saboteur”. I’m trying to change my way of life by not being home only once a week but being away only once a week (and you know me: that’s a challange), so more chances to catch me at home for anyone that wants to drop by 🙂 see you soon! Leoni

    • I’d love to drop by! I think we’ll just have to organize a games afternoon or something? Though I will happily come by just on my own as well. Maybe some night after work? Looking forward to it!

      • A games afternoon sounds good! Although I’m not to sure about the showing jealous making pictures part… 🙂 Nevertheless would love to catch up as well!

  2. Let’s make the games afternoon happen, although the planning will clash with the drop by scenario :-). I’ll contact Lianda!

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