Apr 232012

Uyuni, Bolivia.

As I wrote yesterday, my bag got stolen. Nothing important was lost, no money, credit cards, passports, etc. I lost my laptop, E-reader, jacket, some other small stuff.

Got a number of remarks about how ´easy´ I seem to be taking this. And I´m a bit surprised about that myself. But it connects with something I´ve been thinking about for a while (6 months now perhaps? 😉 ).

The last few weeks haven´t been the best of my trip. They haven´t been bad, but they could´ve been better.

I think it started with me feeling ill. Ill means no energy. No energy means not feeling like being social. And not being social means having less of a good time than I could be. Which in turn drains my energy. And the circle is complete.

One of the things was that I didn´t really have to be social, as there was other stuff to do. Sit in a restaurant and read. Or go online and send some E-mails. Or write my book. I never got bored. But I wasn´t having as much fun as I could be.

Saturday night was the same as a number of nights before them. Feeling tired, not having done anything the entire day, no energy, not particularly happy. An early night of sleep seemed like a good idea. But that would only make the circle go round another day. So I decided to push myself to go to a pub. Have a drink, talk to some people, dance a bit perhaps.

The first moment of entering a place like that all on your own is always difficult. You´re standing there alone, beer protectively in front of you, whilst everybody else is standing or sitting around in groups, having a great time. Alone in the crowd, a very lonely moment.

But I´ve been there before. And I know the drill. Just start talking. To anybody. And I did. And ended up having a great conversation with an Argentian who had been living in La Paz for a few years. Politics, the difference between South America and Europe, heroes (it turns out that people in Bolivia look up to Hitler and despise Che Chevera. How different perspectives can be!).

When we went for another round of drink our seats were taken by a giggle of girls, who were kind enough to invite us to join them. More talking, some dancing, some more drinking. And somehow it ended up being past 5 before I hit my bed. A great night!

Slightly hung over the next morning I headed for a cyber cafe to slowly wake up. Which is where I lost my bag.

Now, I don´t believe in devine intervention or messages from fate. I do however believe that humans are very good in making connections and interpreting facts in a way that means something to them personally.

Bag and jacket were easilly replaced, La Paz is great for buying stuff like that.

Computer and E-reader were not so readilly replaced. The computer and E-reader on which I had been spending a lot of my time the last few days. The things that allowed me te pass my days in relative contentness. The things that stopped me from having to step up to people to start a talk. The things that in the end stopped me from being happy (or at least happier than I could be).

So am I glad that I lost them? Definitely not. But do I mind terribly? Not either!

Time to hone my courage a bit further. To step up to more people. To have more fun!

Sometimes it´s not so bad to let things go.

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  1. Agree 100%. I spend a week in the middle of the mountains, no laptop, no phone, no clock (never have one any way) and realize how easy and great it is to start with the very basics: wake up, eat, go to bed when you feel like doing so, talk, sleep, talk more, think, have fun, walk, sleep more (it was rainy every afternoon, and the afternoon naps have been the best in my life! the sound of rain is amazing to fall asleep) eat, look at the beautiful sky full of stars, observe people, play with kids, take some photos, get to know the locals, see some beautiful landscapes, and read a couple of hours per day, and simply enjoy the moment…. Soooooo Perfect. 🙂 A shame you werent here, but im happy to read that you are so positive about things and that you are having your own personal simple experiences in life 😉 tons of good energy, xoxo

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