Apr 222012

La Paz, Bolivia.

10 minutes. That´s how much time it took me to go from complete bewilderment to acceptance.

It was about 10.30 in the morning, at my favourite cyber cafe. Check mail. Check. Post something on facebook. Done. Time for breakfast!

I switch off Firefox. Grab my bag.

Or at least, I try to grab my bag.

Not there.

It was there 20 minutes ago.

I look again.

Not there.

I look around. I look to my side.

Still no bag.

I might repeat this a few more times (actually I did), but my bag failed to materialize.


Now what?

Ask the friendly people around me in the internet cafe. Nobody saw anything. Ask the friendly people behind the counter. Nobody saw anything.


In that bag was… My jacket. My computer. My E-reader. Some random unimportant other stuff.

Fuck. Again.

I can buy the stuff again (actually I saw some very nice jackets, but as I didn´t need another jacket I didn´t want to buy one. Now I have the perfect excuse). It´s not the stuff I actually care about that much. It´s what´s on my computer.

Pictures. 6 months worth of them.
A book. Almost 6 chapters. About 50 hours worth of writing.

Now, I have been sortof backing up. A little bit. Most of my pictures are on facebook (for exactly this reason), but that´s a sucky quality. Can probably get quite a bit back from some other people that I shared them with. If I can find them…

And I uploaded my first 4 chapters of my book. So only 1.5 chapters really lost. Still sucks.

But actually, I´m surprised how well I´m taking all of this. Stuff is gone. Too bad. I´ll buy new. I had to go to the police to get something to give to my insurance so that I can get my money back. That was a bit of a hassle but it´s done too. Time to go shopping for at least a new jacket and bag and I´ll see if I can buy some nice hardware here as well.

Pictures and book are gone. The chapters I can write again (as soon as I get a new computer). And in the end, pictures are just ´stuff´ as well. Living out of a backpack has made me care much much less about everything that I left at home and that I don´t seem to really need. Including all the pictures I made.

So, stuff is gone.

Time for another shopping spree!