Mar 312012

La Paz, Bolivia.

“Soul-searching”. That’s looking at your navel. Or sitting in the hot tub thinking deep thoughts about yourself. Or perhaps confiding something to a diary or journal.

And these things do play a part, but I’ve found something vastly more important than that.

Special People.

The ones that listen as I try to explain some of the convolutions in my brain, and without saying a word help me get things so much more clearly in my head.

Those that dare to take a step that I’m longing to take and thus inspire me to actually take my step as well. I might not follow directly in their footsteps, but I will move forward with a more steady pace.

My friends who do not shy away from the difficult discussions, but instead keep on talking until the issue is truly resolved.

The persons that open up so much that I have no choice but to open up as well, to share my secrets and finally examine them in the light that they have been craving for. Monsters sometimes are monsters, but mostly they’re cute stuffed animals once you get to know them a bit.

The people who give me a kick in the but, to stop talking and start doing.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, everybody who tells me they trust me, that I can do it, that they have faith in me, that they love me.

I’m not putting any names in here, I don’t have to. You all know who you are. Thank you!

Want some Special People of your own? Try talking about the things that are truly important to you, the things that worry you and the things you think about. You’ll be surprised by the reactions!