Mar 262012

Copacabana, Bolivia

If you have a bag of marbles and you give half to your neighbor, you’re left with half a bag of marbles.

If you have a television and you give half of it to your friend, you both have something that doesn’t work half as well as a complete television.

Physical stuff doesn’t share very well. Giving it away leaves you with less. Sometimes with even less than you might expect, as in the case of half a television.

Some random other stuff to share:

After almost 5 months, I finally arrived in Bolivia (4 and a half month later than planned!)

Book is going well, chapter three is almost finished. Yay!

Went to visit the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. I broke one. (dropped through a thin bit, to go for an involuntary swim in the lake)

Bolivia is cool and cheap. Unfortunately ATM’s don’t seem to work here as well as they do back home…

“Duh!”, you might think. “Of course you are left with less if you share”. Yet for the most important things in life this is not true.

The movie I downloaded I can share with the world without losing anything myself. The joke I heard told in the pub I can tell again without diminishing anything for anybody (unless it’s a really bad joke of course).

Better still, some things get stronger if you share them! You get my praise for the the performance you gave that I really enjoyed. But if I tell other people how much I enjoyed it, you will feel even happier.

When you share the wisdom you gained over the years, you help another and you allow yourself to become even more wise as you open up to the insights of others.

Loving someone, saying so and acting on it only makes my love stronger.

We however act as though praise, wisdom and love are commodities. We act as though sharing them will leave us with less of them. They should be hoarded, kept save, only to be shared with a select few and then only if we get something in return. But the opposite is true! The more we give, the more we are left with. The more we share, the more there is.

A fair part of the world has enough in the sense of worldly possessions. We learned to take before giving, to barter and to manipulate to get more of what we wanted. And now we are stuck with the same mechanisms to get the things that are truly important, recognition, wisdom, love. Yet these do not follow a market mechanism. They are not scarce, do not diminish when used or given, are not consumed.

Improve the world: Give away that which is needed most, so that you yourself have more.