Mar 112012

Paracas, Peru.

Well, that wasn’t so hard…

My first chapter can be found here. It’s in PDF format. If you really want it in a different format, send me an E-mail.

Disclaimery thingy: This is a first draft. It will change. A lot probably. And I didn’t spell-check that thoroughly. So be nice. 🙂

My (revised) goal was:
It is my goal to finish the first draft of the first chapter of my book, consisting of at least 2.500 words, and post it online, before the 1th of April 2012.

My first chapter is done! Standing at 4.230 words (with many more words written on the background that will be useful for the rest of the book), spread over 7 pages, finished and posted on the 11th of March, I believe that I amply made my goal!

So please read, enjoy and give feedback!

Let me know what you think. What do you like? What don’t you like? What could be better, longer, shorter, more, less, etc. Would you read the rest of the book?

Time to start thinking about a following goal. Finish the first draft of the next chapter in this month as well? 3 Chapters next month? We’ll see… 🙂
And please don’t worry about being critical, this is a first draft and a lot will be changed before it’s part of a book. So help me to do that!

You can leave your remarks in the Comments section or you can send me an E-mail if you prefer of course.


And if you need me, I’ll be out celebrating!

  5 Responses to “The first chapter of my book is done! (And can be downloaded here!)”

  1. Hoi Bas,
    Dat is wel heel snel gegaan, is het slecht weer of zo 🙂 Ruim binnen de gestelde tijd.
    Het zal wel even duren voor ik dit eerste hoofdstuk heb gelezen. Engels is toch wat lastiger dan lezen in je eigen moerstaal.

    Enjoy the celebration.

    • Als ik me iets in m’n hoofd haal… 🙂
      En twee uur per dag ergens mee bezig zijn schiet gewoon best heel hard op…

  2. Excellent! The chapter reads effortlessly, and I’m hooked. I was expecting Evena to receive her scars from being cast down the face of the shard 😉 It could use some polishing here and there as you know. For example, “gotten” is poor english, and I didn’t like the “kitty-whip”. This is either a reference to a cat’o nine tails, or an s&m toy, depending on where the readers mind goes. Ether way any reference to felines seems out of place on an ocean world with volcanic glass islands. “burly ‘looking’ ” bothers me for some reason, they look burly, but they aren’t actually burly? These characters could use more coloring in, we’ll probably see enforcers again in the story, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a better picture of them.

    Well, if these are the only sort of complaint I have, you’re in good shape. I’m looking forward to finding out what it takes to survive a torrent!

    Ha, I totally was not expecting a fantasy fiction 😀

    • Thank you for the praise, but thank you even more for the honest feedback!

      I fully agree that it needs polishing and I will be sure to use your comments in it. Thinking on it any reference to felines does seem very much out of place. And I will give some serious thought about the “coloring” of the characters.

      Thanks again!

  3. Super!! The first paragraph is a lot of description, which I found a little to long to be interesting, but the rest was great! Page 3, 3rd sentence, “add her to HIS list” I think. I would definitely like to read more of you book!

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