Jan 292012

Officially I am right on the border of generation Y. One of the good things about this is that I don’t ever have to think about anything myself. I’m allowed to look it up, no matter what it is, on the internet.

Imagine however the problems this generates when something cannot be found on the internet (I know, that would be extremely rare, but still it would be worrying, no?).

It was fun to set up a new website! Took me a few hours this morning, but I definitely had the feeling that I was doing something useful (which I haven’t been feeling for a bit). A good change from my normal self-indulging days here!
So for some inspiration on how I might go about improving the world, I turned to the trusted world-wide-web for ideas, schemes or if possible a full blown “a better world in 47 easy steps (with pictures)”.

Imagine my surprise when there was nothing to be found! Ok, nothing is perhaps exaggerated (Google throws up close to half a billion hits on “improving the world”, but most of them are complete garbage (I checked! #9 for example is about making a better clock. Hardly worthy of the phrase “improving the world” I would say)), but I wasn’t able to find anything covering what I was looking for: A site with ideas, big and small, on how to make this earth into a slightly better place for us all to live.

So, next to complaining about this (which is what you are reading right now) I decided that I would also put my money where my mouth is. Given that the millions of people on the internet didn’t find themselves qualified to write on this, I might as well make myself the expert.

The clincher was when it turned out that even the domain “improving-the-world.com” was available (“improvingtheworld.com” is taken, but it doesn’t have any actual content)! Thus as of right now, my second blog is life: http://Improving-the-World.com!

Slightly light on the content side (two posts so far…) but full of promise, I’m taking my own interest in improving the world and taking it a step forward.

If you have ideas, feedback, suggestions, plans or want to help in any other way, I would love to hear it!