Jan 142012

Bus from Huaraz to Trujillo, Peru

Laura and me have been in Huaraz (Peru) for four days. A few hours north from Lima, then a few hours more eastwards into the Andes, it is a place (and mostly surroundings) of indescribable beauty. Thus, I’m going to let some pictures speak for themselves (with some witty commentary added for good measure. You didn’t expect me to actually shut up completely, now did you?)

How can you not love a place when this is the first sight greeting you when arriving?

The sun, on it's devine pedestal in Huaraz center.

Even after 8 days together, Laura and me still get along. 🙂

Go to the middle of nowhere. Dig a big hole. Fill it with water. Add cool blue-colored algae. Make picture. Done.

Surreal, ten meter high monster trees. I expected to see a film-crew running round filming Star-Trek 29 (A new hope for the return of Spock as the empire strikes back (memorable line: "Jean-Luc, I am your father!"), but apparently they are real...

Useless fact: 70% of the world's tropical glaciers are in Peru. Another useless fact: This is one of them.

Red stone and white snow; Not remembering sylables; This could be Haiku

This is the reason glaciers are dissapearing: Upshot Dutch girls spreading the ice all over the place!

A day of hiking starts with a good breakfast. Primary colors increase appetite.

Dawn of the Dead: Me crawling out of an ancient Wari burial mound.

That just plain rocks!

There is a strict code of sheep-herders, with different levels of mastery depicted by colorfull clothing. Here we see a fine specimen of the 4th order, 3th rank, 7th circle (journeyman (or in this case -woman)). A few more months of training and she will have earned the purple stripes on her skirt!