Jan 082012

Lima, Peru

8 January, one week after setting my New Years Resolutions (and exactly 3 months since leaving the Netherlands). Time to see whether I´m doing ok, or already failing miserably.

Taking it easy for a few days. Sleeping in. Lunch with Laura and Pamela. Spent some time online (3 hours of replying E-mails! (Not complaining, keep them coming!)). Went to Museum Larco, which has some truly amazing ancient Peruvian artifacts (not to mention a huge collection of erotic pottery (though this was so explicit that it might better be called pornographic pottery!)). I love lazy days!
Fear of heights:
Miraflores (Liman district) is some 50 meter above the ocean (not counting the beaches), with some nicely steep cliffs that plunge down into the surf. Whilst walking along these I took some time to actually stand on the edge and peer down. This was less scary than expected. I need a higher and/or steeper cliff?
Verdict: Good first steps

Fear of rejection:
At the club, dancing my socks off. We had talked for a bit at the Couch Surfing meeting. I like her. She likes me (I think. I hope at least. Probably she does. Right?). We talk some more, dance some more. Twelve-ish, she says that she has to get up at 5.30 and has to go (who has to get up at 5.30 on a Saturday?!?). I manage to slip her my travel card (these are great by the way, just my name, E-mail and (Dutch) telephone number. Very handy if you meet someone you want to stay in contact with! If you go travel, have some made!). I´m left feeling a bit foolish…
Verdict: Needs more work

Fear of doing things differently:
I wrote the page for this website about the workshop that I want to give. I want to add more things at the same time, so it will take a little bit of time before it goes life. Progress is on the way. Still, the scariest part is actually putting this up for the world to read and “judge”. For a first week however I´m satisfied. And, I´m giving myself another point for actually writing the previous paragraph (fear of rejection)…
Verdict: Good first steps

And for completeness my other resolutions as well:

Do physical exercise at least twice per week, for at least an hour at a time:
I went surfing which definitely counts. Other than that I did a lot of walking, but that wasn´t really what I had in mind.
Verdict: Failing!

Improve my posture:
I´m correcting myself whenever I notice but it doesn´t seem to be “sinking in”. Perhaps I need some more professional help?
Verdict: Trying

Learn to improvise in a structured manner on the saxophone:
I miss my saxophone!!!
Verdict: Oh, shut up!