Jan 012012

Lima, Peru

I always said that I never wanted to fully grow up. For some things however I wished that I wasn’t stuck at being 16…

For new year I went camping with a bunch of people from Couch Surfing. I had quite a bad stomach ache, so didn’t party quite as hard as I would have wanted. Other than that we had a great time, first going rafting, then some good food, lots of drinks (this combined with some leftover typhoid might have caused the stomach ache) and some great dancing (I’m actually learning how to salsa!) It still is the weirdest thing to be camping (and getting woken up by a blazing sun) on new years!
A random night, some time in the last couple of years. I’m having fun. A bunch of friends is there. Perhaps we’re dancing. Probably we are drinking a beer. This might be a club, a bar or a party at someone’s house.

There she is. The girl. There have been a few glances back and forth. A smile that lingered just slightly longer than might be expected between two people who have nothing more in common than that they happen to be in the same place at the same time. Perhaps an accidental touch where it wasn’t strictly necessary. You know what I mean.

So, time to walk up to her, have a chat. I’ll dazzle her with some witty remark, an interesting story. We’ll have a deep, meaningful conversation as we both forget the world around us, drinking in each others eyes. We’ll feel connected in a way that no two people have ever felt connected before. We will court, get together, have a relationship, grow old and tell our grandchildren the wonderful tale of how exactly all of this happened.

In reality I stand there, mouth dry, nailed to the ground. What if she doesn’t like me? What if I get rejected? What will everybody here think? Oh, the horror, the agony! Better just stay here, nice and safe…

Why do I care so much? Usually I have no problem with making an ape out of myself. I’m happy to sing a made-up song in front of 50 people, to tell the boss that what he’s doing is silly, to order something in a restaurant that I can’t pronounce, let alone know of what it is. Yet when it comes to letting someone know I like them…

So, my most important resolution for 2012 is:

Face my fears!

And I’ll generalize that a bit:

  • Face my fear of heights: This year I am going sky-diving (that is the second-scariest thing I can think of. I’m saving bungee-jumping for 2013)
  • Face my fear of doing things differently (yes, even more than I already do): Earn money without “working” for another day (my own consulting company, write a book, give workshops, expand my blogging, whatever more I dream up)
  • Face my fear of rejection: Let people know how I really feel about them (and yes, beautiful women are people too!)

Next to this I have a few resolutions of lesser importance:

  • Do physical exercise at least twice per week, for at least an hour at a time (traveling is making me lazy! And perhaps some of those beautiful women can help me get a bit of a workout? πŸ˜‰ )
  • Improve my posture (walking the catwalk really made me realize how much I slouch. I’ve been trying to improve this, but it needs more work)
  • Learn to improvise in a structured manner on the saxophone (this will obviously have to wait ’till I get back home, but good things come to those who wait (better things come to those who go out there and get it, though))

So, if you see me standing bent over, lazing about, or hanging in the corner of a club, wistfully looking at some girl: Give me a good kick in the butt! I will thank you for it!

  6 Responses to “New years resolutions”

  1. Hoi Bastiaan,
    Vind je bungee-jumping dan enger dan sky-diving?
    Bij bungee-jumping zit je nog wel vast aan een elastiekje!!
    groetjes Fenny

    • He hoi!

      Ja, bungee-jumpen is enger dan sky-diven! Bij bungee-jumpen ben je dicht genoeg bij de grond om heel duidelijk te zien hoe ver die precies is. Bij sky-diven zijn het alleen nog maar miertjes en speelgoed huisjes, dus dat is duidelijk minder eng! πŸ˜‰

      En misschien dat ik het helemaal anders ga zien als ik aan de rand van het vliegtuig zit… Maar wie dan leeft, dan zorgt… πŸ™‚

      En, nog een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar!


    Vergeet niet te genieten van wat je hebt gedurfd, en jezelf te belonen voor je lef.

    Dus ………. geniet.


  3. ‘Things differently’ : Volgens mij ben je al een heel eind de goede kant op door nu door Z-Amerika rond te trekken :)!
    Succes met je voornemens verder en nogmaals gelukkig nieuwjaar :)!

  4. I hope the invite for kicking your butt, when you are wistfully looking at a girl, is still standing when you come back because I will be more than willing to help you out! And no if it happens you don’t have to thank me πŸ™‚

    Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Of course this will hold when I am back in the Netherlands. Looking forward to getting some serious ass-kicking! πŸ™‚

      Friends commiserate, true friends kick your ass!

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