Dec 252011

Pisco, Peru

The first day of Christmas (though here people mostly celebrate Christmas eve), the year is almost over. Some light jazz is coming from my computer, I’ve got a cup of tea at hand (Earl Grey that someone hunted down for me in Lima. Most expensive tea-bags I have ever had, but worth every cent. It’s amazing how soothing the taste of home can be!) Time to relax, time to think…

During my time here I have spanned a little over 2000 kilometer (most of that going back and forth from Pisco to different places…), visited all of 6 cities (including one inhabited only by a horde of tourists: I guess he let me down when he didn’t disappoint me) and made a cursory pass through another few. Much much less than I would have expected to have done by now.

Yet the miles I have been making in my head would span multiple continents…

A series of articles I read recently (including The courage to live consciously and How to defeat Kolrami) set me thinking (exactly the idea of the articles I am sure).

What if I didn’t have to worry about money? What if everything I did could be “for fun”. What would I change about my life, what would I keep the same?

Actually, I might very well do something very similar to what I was doing at the Rabobank. I love a good (intellectual) challenge, to be creative and to set up something new. I would do less of it though, 36 hours of work leaves too little time to do other things I would love to do. So, perhaps 24 hours? And I wouldn’t want to be doing just a single thing. I love starting up new things and dreaming up solutions far more than I enjoy implementing and finishing things. Finally, I would like to feel free to leave and do something else when I felt the time was ripe for it. That would probably mean less security for me, but I would actually be happy with that. Risk can be a good thing!

Next to that I would like to teach. A class, or even better, workshops. Don’t know in what though. Mathematics would be an easy choice, but I would rather do something that has more of an impact on the lives of people. Something to think about…

I would like to have extended periods of “free time”. One to three months, to travel, to really focus on improving a specific skill or skill-set, to volunteer, to just lounge about if that is my inclination.

And I would like to write more. I find that I immensely enjoy writing this blog and by now I have three books lined up in my head. Got to get those out at some point…

Finally, I would like never to have the feeling of “work” again. A few years ago I attended a talk about I think the new way of working. The content wasn’t the interesting part though. What I found extremely thought provoking (and thus can still remember years later) was that the guy who gave the talk didn’t get paid for it in the traditional sense. He gave the talk, and let the organizers decide afterwards what they thought the talk had been worth. Getting what you deserve, instead of getting what you negotiated for. I believe this would be extremely liberating!

Going back to reality, I feel that it might be possible to do the above without giving up a lot of my current lifestyle. Freelance consulting, workshops, writing, this might get me a decent income. And if push comes to shove I might even consider walking the catwalk a bit more πŸ˜‰

So what is stopping me from trying to find all of the above? Nothing really. Myself perhaps? I believe that I have the courage to actually try to do this. I have money saved up for this trip, but I could also use that as a buffer to see how I far I get. That would mean cutting my trip short, but is that really such a big deal? I would rather try and fail than to never know what might have happened if I had dived into the deep end. I won’t be jumping on a plane back just yet, but I am truly considering doing this. After all, South American isn’t going anywhere, I can always go travel again. The world can wait…

  5 Responses to “The world can wait”

  1. hoi Bas,
    Wat is het toch heerlijk om op kerstavond bijna even te voelen als of je thuis bent. Wat heerlijk dat techniek dat mogelijk maakt. Wat mij betreft mag Skype voor gedragen worden voorgedragen voor de HiSparc prijs. Fijn om te horen dat je weer behoorlijk bent opgeknapt en dat dus de antibiotica aanslaat.

    Misschien spreken we elkaar voor oud/nieuw nog even, zo niet dat heel veel plezier in Lima en dat je op een geweldige manier in een andere cultuur de jaarwisseling mag beleven.

    Groetjes, Pa

  2. Bastiaan,

    All the best for 2012!

    Rgds, Bert

  3. Aw, das war ein sehr sch?ner Beitrag. In Gedanken will ich schriftlich wie folgt zus?tzlich gesetzt – die Zeit nehmen und pr?zise Versuch, einen sehr guten Artikel zu machen … aber was soll ich sagen … Ich procrastinate viel und gar nicht scheinen, um eine Sache getan.

  4. love this site – it’s a great blog – may i suggest you get an rss feed.

    • Thanks for the compliment! And I’ll look into an RSS feed, you’re right that that would be a good addition πŸ™‚

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