Oct 192011

“Para los ninos”, that’s what they told me: “For the children.”

In 2007 Pisco, Peru was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 on the Richter scale, lasting for over 3 minutes. Now, 4 years later, and the place still looks like a bunch of African guerrillas had some spare ammunition and decided to throw a party here. A party that rocked the world…

Rubble, half wrecked houses, impassable roads, fully wrecked houses…

Enter (drums please!): Pisco Sin Fronteras (Pisco without Borders), a bunch of hippie, do-gooders with too much time on their hands. Who build houses, teach English, recycle used frying oil into gasoline. Who help the Pisco community to get back on their feet after the earthquake. People with their hearts in the right place. 20 to 50 somethings who work hard during the day and party hard at night. People who run a great voluntary organization, cook lovely dinners, make a big mess and clean up together. For the children.

I got here 3 days ago, with the intention to stay 2 weeks. Build a house, recycle some oil, whatnot. 3 days, and I’m already considering if I shouldn’t make that into 2 months…

Today I taught English classes to the cutest Peruvian kids. Who run around, scream a lot, don’t understand 2 words of English (yet!), get on your nerves, want to be lifted up, want to play with your hat, sunglasses, camera.

I loved all of them!

Today’s class was about clothes. And of course you can’t just write a bunch of words on a blackboard and expect them to understand. You have to show them, have them play with it. And what better way than to have the kids name a piece of clothing (in English), find it, and (this was the brilliant idea of my co-teach), put it on Bastiaan!

Pants over my shorts. Shirt over my shirt. Shorts over my pants. Hat over my head. Sweater over my shirt. And last and definitely least: The Dress (with a capital, yes). I have never seen so many little children laugh so hard in my entire life! Can’t understand why, green and pink florals actually look quite flattering on me!

Just keep thinking: Everything for the children!

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