Oct 092011

Blue eyes, blonde hair, a pretty smile… Said her name was M.

We were waiting for our luggage together. She told me she was to have come to Lima together with a friend, who had canceled the day before the flight. Obviously, she was not a happy camper. She however did get my respect for deciding to come regardless, even if she had to do it alone. And smiling despite it.

That was 24 hours ago, almost to the minute.

A friend from Couch Surfing was coming to the airport to pick me up. I suggested M could share the cab with us. Arriving in Miraflores, Lima’s tourist district. Lima is not cheap. We are. M and me decide to share a room. After that, Beers! Lots of interesting discussions with my friend and M, on the legalization of marihuana in Peru, the differences in breakfast habits for Peru and the Netherlands, Jewish names in the Netherlands and many more subjects. 0.34 (local time), we decide that 22 hours of going without sleep had been enough. It also seemed a good idea to not just share the room, but also a bed. It was.

Next morning, M and I hit the town together. Breakfast, going to the sea, lunch. Lots of talking, about travel, relationships, what’s important in life. Very interesting girl with a lot going for her. Too bad her and my travel plans are completely opposite, would’ve liked to spend more time with her.

Back to the hostel to get sunscreen (too late). Tired, lying on bed, in each others’ arms. More talking. And I realize, I’m falling for this girl, this almost complete stranger!

Getting up, her bus leaves that night. We have a bit of time to explore the old part of town. Walking hand in hand. It feels like I’ve known her for a year and not a day. She says she feels the same. My heart aches at the thought of putting her on the bus. I actually consider going with her. Giving up my very slow round through South America to join her on her frantic trip to see the entire continent in 4 weeks. I know I don’t want to do that. I did not come here to fall in love. And I know a very large part of this is the excitement, the newness of it all.

She tells me I’m her perfect boyfriend for a day. I smile dumb-folded, tears in my eyes.

Bus. We kiss goodbye. Staring after that bus, after her. Dragging myself back to the hostel.

That was 45 minutes ago.

24 hours of South America. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve broken my heart. Could the next 24 hours please be a little bit less eventful?

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  2. I’ve made my visit to you a time or two and quite enjoy your storytelling. Very engaging as I make my rounds on the Traveler’s Show & Tell.

  3. If this were a movie, your “girlfriend for the day” would read this blog post and you two would reconnect! 🙂

    Thanks for participating in this week’s Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival. I hope to see you there again.


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  5. Hello Bastiaan!

    I just wanted to say thanks again for submitting to the BT Blog Carnival, and also congratulations! I really enjoyed your story, so your article has been highlighted in this edition and was included in the 10th BT Blog Carnival which was published today.

    If you could retweet, stumble, or like this edition of the blog carnival, I would really appreciate it. 🙂 It would also help people discover your article, too; especially since your article is one of only 3 that I highlighted.

    Thanks again!

  6. Choosing what is right for you vs. what you lust for…. a brilliant story!

  7. […] 24 hours of love by Bastiaan Reinink is a very short but gripping story about the beautiful things that can happen if you travel with an open heart. […]

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